Thursday, January 22, 2015

Man Caught Two Dummies Posting Their iPad Theft!

These two dummies didn't think the owner would activate the Find My iPad function. That function will track the iPad, iPod, and iPhone whenever its activated through a wifi network.

A thief who never owned a iPhone or an iPad never expected Apple to update their products to assist in helping owners to retrieve their lost properties.

Houston men are in the Harris County lockup after the owner found their selfie pictures on his iCloud server. The thieves broke into the man's vehicle and took over $5000, the iPad and laptop.
These two dummies didn't expect the pictures turn up on the viral social networks.
They head to a nearby Burger King and activate the iPad. They would make a video called "Burger King Ballin'" while holding a bundle of cash. One of the thieves posted on the social network that, “This, my good people, is what we get from a good night’s hustle.”

They would post on their social networks unaware that their picture and video would automatically transfer to the iCloud. 

When the owner went to trace his iPad, he saw the pictures of the two. So instead of just shaking his fist and throwing a tantrum. He decided to publicly shame these guys. 

He took to the Reddit, a viral agitator. The agitator ranks up the most controversial or topic worthy posts. Then of course, the junk food media would eventually jump into the fray. It would take a few days before they would be spotted by their friends.

It's nothing new. We're human beings. We all make mistakes. 

I'm guilty of this too. Most Americans leave their doors unlocked. The opportunity for theft increases when owners fail to lock their vehicles.

Schaefer left his vehicle unlocked and had a backpack in the backseat. He didn't expect during the day someone would go after his properties.

When someone steals from you, it makes you feel like you've been punched in the gut. They violate your space, your property and your freedom. They create the cycle of theft. Somewhere down the road, the victim could become the criminal. Or the victim may become the vigilante. Or the victim would buy a gun and eventually let the slugs fly.

Dorian Walker-Gaines, 20, and Dillian Thompson, 22 were busted a few days later. Seeing that they've stolen over $5,000 including properties, these two will be getting a minimum of five in the iron college if they're found guilty on these charges. The most I bet you is at least 15 in the iron college.

Already the racist right has gotten their NIGGER fixation. 

Stewart Schaefer the victim, left the car unlocked in front of his home earlier this month.

You expect the word vomit to include Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, monkeys, coons and Obama references in. 

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