Friday, January 02, 2015

John Crawford's Girlfriend Passes Away!

John Crawford girlfriend killed in traffic accident.
This holiday brings news of a tragedy. The woman who was with John Crawford III back in August 2014 was killed in a double fatal accident in Dayton, Ohio.

Tasha Thomas was with Crawford at a Wal-Mart this past August when Beavercreek officers shot and killed him. He picked up an air rifle while shopping at that store and a 911 caller tipped them off and the officers fired on him without warning.

The cops weren't charged in his death and that led to massive protests. In the wake of the Michael Brown shooting and Eric Garner stranglehold controversy, Crawford managed to make the national news circuit.

Tasha along with her new boyfriend died in Dayton this week. Thursday afternoon, residents reported that a vehicle was traveling at an excessive speed. The vehicle would lose control and hit a trolley pole splitting the car in two. The passenger Thomas was killed on sight. Her boyfriend Fredrick Berry was pronounced dead at the Miami Valley Hospital.

The junk food media now refocuses on Black criminals. For the fact that the driver and Thomas weren't in seat belts, they are going to be regarded by the racist right as "BLACK CRIMINALS" and "OBAMA'S IMAGINARY CHILDREN".

Ohio State Patrol and Dayton Police warned that road deaths rise during the Christmas and New Year's holiday.

Me and S. Baldwin will cover this as best as we can. More details will be provided soon.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Tasha Thomas and Fredrick Berry.

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