Sunday, January 25, 2015

GOP Sundays: It's Time To Stop Saying The Junk Food Media Is Liberal!

Chuck Todd interviewing Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR). Every freaking time, each of these news programs feature more White, male, conservative, Republican guests. This is why I dubbed it GOP Sundays. It's about time to stop calling the media liberal. Regardless if the media is liberal or conservative, it's practically junk food media. 

GOP Sundays, the Breakfast chat shows and the primetime agitators are so pathetic.

All the western based junk food media is bogus. Apparently it's showing a conservative bent.

Know this, if the media was bias, why the fuck are Republican lawmakers, conservative agitators, and of course the topics they usually bitch about being featured every fucking time?

Because the western junk food media doesn't want to be perceived as "liberal". This charge is often thrown around whenever the policies of Barack Obama are given credit for what's right in America.

You hear Republicans bitching and conservative outraging over all things Obama.

Republicans are concerned about Beyonce, "radical" Islam, the abortion factory, the Southern border, the president snubbing war hawk Benjamin Netanyahu, Cuba, sanctions in Iran, Black leaders, Hollywood actors attacking conservative celebrities, gay marriage, and the president's executive orders.

All it does in my opinion is scare people. The shinny coin talk of Muslim terrorists, cop killing Black men, unarmed Black men being criminals (according to the outrage pimps), President Barack Obama's agenda, and under inflated footballs is driven by the conservative agitators.

I am so fucking tired of the Republican-driven agenda and its only been four weeks of them of them being in office. The House has passed a bill that offers no jobs or improvement on the middle class.

They once again passed another stupid intrusive bill in the House outlawing taxpayer abortions.

GOP Sundays once again focus on the president's snark at the Republicans.

GOP Sundays are so focused on the next wave of Republicans clowns stuffing themselves into that clown car.

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