Saturday, January 31, 2015

For What Reason Will The GOP Deny AG Nominee Loretta Lynch?

The insurgency signals they'll oppose Loretta Lynch for the nomination for Attorney General.

Should it be the fact she's a Black woman?

Is it another reason to keep their arch enemy current Attorney General Eric Holder in office?

Or it's just another attempt to disqualify a seemingly non-controversial candidate.

Who's knows?

But the calls of resistance are coming from the carnival barkers of talk radio and the internet blogs.

The barkers are demanding Republicans reject the nomination. For what reason?

Because she won't conduct investigations into the president's executive actions when it comes to the Affordable Care Act and immigration. The two things that Republicans opposes.

See in the Senate, before the Democrats were shaken out of the majority, they passed the nuclear option. I am guessing you have to have 51 in order to confirm a nominee. Then Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) ended the 60 vote confirmation process after Republicans stalled five crucial nominees President Barack Obama picked. Now Majority Leader Mitch The Turtle (R-KY) is probably going to reestablish the 60 vote confirmation rule. All he needs a simple majority of 53 in order up the vote.

Democrats have 44 with two independents and Republicans have 54. It's going to be nearly impossible for Democrats to get enough of those asshole Republicans to support Lynch. After all Senator (Confederate-bred) Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is already opposing her.

Did you know that Sharyl Attkinson formerly of CBS News, Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke, and Jonathan Turley were there for the confirmation hearing?

Republicans invited these controversial agitators to the session to bitch conservative talking points.

Lynch is a successful woman in law enforcement and yet the conservative agitators see her as a Black woman with no skills other than just being a NIGGER with lipstick.

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