Thursday, January 01, 2015

DISH Network Pulls The Fox Out The Hen House!

Conservatives send death threats to Dish Network after it pull the plug on that controversial cable news channel.

Dish Network and that conservative network are at odds over contributing fees and this battle gotten uglier. Now that the most watched cable news network is at odds with the satellite provider, many addicts are threatening to dump Dish.

Contract negotiation fell through and DISH had no choice but to pull the plug on the network. It really sparked outrage and of course the usual blame Obama nonsense. But seriously, the rates that network was selling wasn't good enough for DISH. They wanted to sell the provider lower rates.

The network managed to get its addicts to respond. Viewers of the NFL game on Fox Sunday were shown an ad that asked Dish customers to ask the satellite carrier to continue Fox News on its service, the story adds.
fox news channel-logo
Still #1 in the ratings.
“We are simply notifying our viewers about the possibility of not being able to access the network on their current satellite TV provider,” Tim Carry, executive vice president of distribution for Loserville, told the publication.

About 20,000 people called the number provided by that network and 75,000 visited the website, the story notes. This marks the third Dish contract expiration to become public in the last few months, following Dish’s expiring deals with Turner and CBS, which led to channel blackouts until new deals were struck.

Dish decided to replace the conservative network with a very conservative network.

Former Loserville host Glenn Beck went to start up his own network. The Blaze is not available in most markets but for the time being it's just about enough Obama bashing to satisfy the rabid conservative viewer.

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