Friday, January 23, 2015

Conservative Outrage Over YouTube Star GloZell Meeting Obama!

CNN host gave YouTube star GloZell some advice. Some haters have peanut butter and jealousy. The racist right aims at her after she had an opportunity to meet the president. Of course, they're mad that he ignored Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a conservative warmongering agitator.

The racist right and its allies once again have their usual freakout over President Barack Obama. This time they're complaining about the president's interaction with some of YouTube's viral stars. They claim that it's unbecoming of the office for him to waste time with people who sit in their underwear trying to be famous.

There were three viral YouTube stars who got the opportunity to meet the president. Of course, one woman managed to rise their antennas.

I kept hearing YouTube sensation GloZell being mentioned on conservative agitator radio programs.

The entertainer runs a YouTube page and it pulls a high view count.

Not saying that I'm not her but I wish I was. She pulls a healthy amount of subscribers.

Because the more popular you become, the more haters come forth.

Rob Lowe is feuding with a YouTube celebrity who interviewed the president.
When that old fart on talk radio was whining about President Barack Obama snubbing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his Congressional invite to speak, he brought up GloZell in his tirade.

The controversial prime minister of Israel is hated by most world leaders. It's due to the prime minister's stubborn views towards allowing the Palestinian people to create an independent state.

The United States is an ally of Israel but its starting to wane. The U.S. and allied foreign diplomats are trying to work out an agreement with Iran. The Republicans are threatening to derail the path to peace because the conservative agitators support Netanyahu's hateful agenda.

Actor Rob Lowe decided to throw poop into the mix. He went to the social networks to vent off about this. GloZell hits him back. She thanks Lowe for mentioning her.

She even made note that his spelling is almost as bad as his acting!

You heard this, these agitators support a foreign leader over their own American president. They just mad that the president wants to reach out to those who felt that he's not open enough with the public.

They rather see him take orders from a foreign leader who may lead us into World War III.
The old fart complains about the president having the time to interview a YouTube celebrity over this old fart's fuck buddy Benjamin Netanyahu.
They obsess over an entertainer eating cereal out of a bathtub. See how the freedom of speech is used. It's only good when they are allowed to criticize the president. But when we criticize them for being inclusive, racist, ignorant and out of touch with the changing demographics, they throw that we're the ones creating racial angst.

See their loyalties are with leaders who cause a majority of the crisis in the world.

An actor who has plays the role of a cheater on his wife might as well be a sex crazed lunatic. He was the one who sank Michael Dukakis presidential campaign after he was messing around with female campaign staffers. It's a damn shame that Lowe has turned conservative. He was a talented actor.

He grew up in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio with his brother fellow actor Chad.

GloZell keep doing your thing. You are beautiful and bold. Fuck the haters and make that money!

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