Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Charles C. Johnson Sparks Feud With Holly Fisher (aka Holly Hobby Lobby)!

The agitator of the racist right aimed at one of his own.

There's a feud brewing between an extremely controversial conservative agitator and an extremely controversial conservative activist. It all involves the agitator exposing the activist's dirty little secrets. And none are too damn happy about this.

C'mon, what people do in their private lives should be used as a weapon. But in this great country, it wouldn't matter. The public would eat this stuff up. After all, the freedom of speech allows you to be an asshole online.
Holly Fisher, a controversial conservative activist posed as a female militant.
Charles C. Johnson and Holly Fisher are both assholes in their given right, but not for what you think!

Fisher has a history of posting controversial pictures like her "Jihad Jane" picture below. She would troll social networking websites to agitate others who don't agree with controversial topics such as birth control, gun control, the president, and women rights.

Johnson has a history of getting the facts wrong. He doesn't care. He knows that anything he exposes it click bait for the racist right. He will sell his soul for attention.

Johnson who operates the GotNews website its extremely controversial. This is the guy who threatened to release the name of a rape victim just to prove she's a lair.

This is the guy who believed Michael Brown was a convicted felon and was wanted for second degree murder. This was roundly debunked. Then he went even further by publishing photos of Brown giving the middle finger believing its a "gang sign".
The other man. Joel Frewa was the guy who had slept with Holly Hobby Lobby
This is the guy who leaked the addresses of New York Times reporters after they posted the marriage of Darren Wilson by his church and former hiding spot.

Okay, now he's the guy who posted the personal business of conservative "heroine" Holly R. Fisher.

He brought up that during a conservative event, Fisher, a married woman and mother met producer Joel Frewa of the Tea Party News Network. There were sparks in the air. They had a one and done.

All things were good until, Johnson was investigating. Johnson promised to go hard on her.

She had to force her hand. She went to social networks to speak the truth

Now she was forced to admit this and went silent. The backlash came hard and most of it is not only aimed at Johnson, but the liberals and the usual slip of President Barack Obama. The affair allegedly took place during the Restoring the Dream event, a Faith and Freedom conference, and on Election night.

The two had a spat online before the exposure.
Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 8.55.08 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 8.55.08 PM
Obviously Johnson has no care for his fellow conservatives. He's banned from a lot of networks including Loserville. When's the last time you ever seen him on Loserville?

Seriously, this is the negative stuff that the president talked about. Gotcha politics. The agitators and their fixation on finding faults with others. The mission to smear people over human nature.

Mrs Fisher received a wealth if support from the Tea Party community after admitting to her extramarital affair on social media on Sunday
Now she'll be shooting from the sidelines.
The racist right doesn't care about her cheating. They care about those "smear merchants" who try to take down someone because of political correctness.

Holly Fisher became a social media phenomenon in July after posting a pair of photos showing her holding a variety of conservative totems – a Bible, AR-15 rifle, a Chick-fil-A cup, and wearing a pro-life T-shirt.

“ATTENTION LIBERALS: do NOT look at this picture,” Fisher posted on her Twitter account. “Your head will most likely explode.”

The affair may have cost the job of her fling. Joel Frewa resigned from the Tea Party News Network, and the conservative blogger Johnson claims it was after rumors of the affair leaked.


The video of her at the conservative event being interviewed by the creepy Blond woman. The producer was there too. A few hours later Fisher would have the affair.

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