Saturday, December 06, 2014

The Darren Wilson Supporters Serving Chicken, Watermelon and Ol' English To The Protesters!

The protesters for better policing found that in rural Missouri, they're not interested in fellow citizens using their American right to protest. To them it's disturbing their peace. So they'll use their American right to counter-protest. Of course why not have a couple of insensitive themes such as fried chicken, watermelon and a 40 oz in the path of protesters.

The White conservative extremists flood the discussion boards, talk radio shows, and even the very street of Ferguson, Missouri to tell the Michael Brown supporters that they need to go to hell. These extremists believe that even in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting along with numerous events of officer involved killings on unarmed suspects, racism is over.

Yes, the media makes it a race issue. Obviously the agitators of the left and right have debated this.

I've been cautious about it. Yeah, I believe some of the issues driven this year involved race.

However, I will say that my fears are basically the matter of law enforcement shooting unarmed suspects. There's just too many individuals who paid the price for just being a perception. Americans are the most racist, vindictive and immature bunch of human beings to ever exist.

Wonder why the world has issues with us?

Across the world, many nations look at the United States as the last global superpower. They believe that Americans are often look upon as arrogant. They hate us for the very freedoms why take advantage of. Those freedoms allows us to be condescending bigots.


And of course, the protesters are calling for better policing for all citizens.

That annoying conservative agitator debated Washington, DC delegate Congresswoman Elanor Holmes-Norton on the events in New York and the St. Louis area. He was so fucking disrespectful to her and never let her get an opportunity to defend her own comments. He was so obsessed with Brown's stepfather and comments from the Congressional Black Caucus. The members of the Black Caucus were outraged over the Eric Garner decision. They call upon President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and designate Loretta Lynch to do something about it.

That annoying conservative agitator and his minions of the racist right have worked up this notion that Black America isn't focused on crime in their own communities. Of course, being as condescending as most are, the racist right allows people like Rudy Giuliani (aka Mr. 9/11) to run his jaws on issue that have nothing to do with the issues these people are protesting about. He blames Bill de Blasio for the unrest in New York.

Bill de Blasio who is white is married to a Black woman. He had to give his own son Dante the talk about how others view him when he's dressed or driving on the public roads.

Under his term as mayor of New York City, Giuliani allowed unarmed Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, and Timothy Stansbury to die.

de Blasio, the first Democratic mayor in 20 years is determined to clean up NYPD's act. The mayor now has at least three incidents under his term with the NYPD. The shooting of Akai Gurley isn't going to make things any better. Besides the Eric Garner controversy, there was the brutal attack on Alexian Lien beating on the Henry Hudson Parkway. There were NYPD officers who were part of a biker gang who beat Lien after he ran over another biker in a road rage incident.

Last month, while Akai Gurly was shot in Brooklyn after a rookie officer "accidentally" fired a round inside a empty stairwell. We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to Akai Gurly's family. More on this later. Peter Liang is on administrative leave for this.

This madness must stop. I mean the junk food media is agitating these issues and I am all for awareness but it's going to lead to more violence.

The protesters led by the NAACP got to Jefferson City, to vent anger at Missouri's embattled Democratic governor Jay Nixon for refusing to hire state issued special prosecutor to investigated the handling by former officer Darren Wilson and the Ferguson police force.

The junk food media had filmed protests happened in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, and even in Toronto.

The video here is quite disturbing but it shows the protesters marching through some of the towns in Missouri and you can hear some of those counter-protesting saying racial slurs.

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