Monday, December 01, 2014

The Black Male: Left And Right!

A resident hands a rose to a St. Louis County deputy.

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This is a dedication to Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Darrien Hunt, Jonathon Crawford, Renisha McBride, Jordan Davis, Monica Quan, Keith Lawerence, Trayvon Martin, Christopher Lane and every other nameless victim of gun violence. May you all rest in peace.

10. You can't play cops and robbers anymore. The police might actually mistaken you for a robber.

9. If a White person owns a firearm, it's protection. If a Black person owns a firearm, they're considered a criminal.

8. If you're a Black male in a majority White area, make sure you have that music turned down, obey all motorist signs and observations. Make sure all your vehicle lights working. Let's not have a noisy muffler or engine. Have a White friend and your seat belt on. Don't argue with the law. Get their badge or unit vehicle number if you're feeling harassed by the law. But if you want to be hard and get into a situation, the law would love to find a reason to pull you over.

7. Just walk with your hands out. Obviously an officer can see that you're unarmed. The law will not shoot you mistaken you having a gun. A wallet, keys, cell phone, and even a book could be a weapon and the cop will probably shot first question last.

6. Keep them pictures private. If the victim of a shooting is a Black person, expect the junk food media to look at Facebook, Twitter, blogs and social networks to find "incriminating" evidence to prove that the victim deserved his fate. Obviously, smoking weed, pulling a gun out or wearing hip-hop apparel is a giveaway for the junk food media to exploit. They don't care about the White man who holds his gun in the presence of children. They don't care about the White woman blowing in the wind. They don't care about the White man who shoplifts gas or cigarettes from a convenience store. 

5. Blacks must restrain themselves from knocking a bigot out. This is a free country. I understand that White conservatives are racist. They agitate on radio, the blogs and the social networks. I get angry too. But it's not worth killing them. You aid and abet their description of Black males being "THUGS" or "NIGGERS".

4. Voting is important. You notice that most Whites disapprove of the president's job. A majority of the problems stem from the junk food media's anything and everything about President Barack Obama. The conservatives can spin this narrative about the junk food media being in the tank for the president all day and night. But how come the Republicans won control of Congress? The junk food media gave Republicans a pass on their government shut down, their refusal to pass gun control legislation despite a major event such as Sandy Hook. The Republicans obviously want Blacks to have firearms. They want Blacks to kill each other and stroke more fear into White people.

3. Black men can't catch a break, regardless of the situation. Sometimes it's hard living in a country where you're looked upon as a criminal. It's obvious, that women are attracted to Black men because of our packages below. No question, that's probably a benefit in a way. But with that package comes responsibilities that some Black men fail at doing. We become unwed parents. We are the number one race when it comes to the rise of sexuality transmitted diseases being spread. Black men lead in the highest rate of heart disease. The law is more cruel to us because of the perception of us being criminals. The high incarceration rate among Black males is so high it's become bait for the condescending conservative agitators like Mr. 9/11 himself Rudy Giuliani to exploit.

2. Barack Obama is the first Black president. Black America already knew that the moment he said something about race, the conservative agitators will be trying to exploit it. Henry "Skip" Gates, Trayvon Martin and now Michael Brown have became Barack Obama's noose. The racist right hung it around the neck and let him hang from the tree. What the president said was truthful. The anger of the Black community goes beyond Michael Brown, its a global issue. Police profiling isn't helpful to the safety of Blacks and law enforcement. The freedom of speech allowed the musicians in the hip-hop industry share their "fantasies" of being dope boys and cop killers. The music industry exploits the Black male for his talents as singers and entertainers. How many times has a rapper mentioned guns? Anytime a rapper mentions guns, expect a conservative agitator to attack the rapper and President Barack Obama. Now compare that to White musicians like Ted Nugent who embraces guns and violence. Not one peep from the agitators. The police often single out the hip-hop music for the rise in violence. The police often look at hip-hop music as a tool towards crime.

1. There's no God. If there's a God, he wouldn't allow these people to make us look bad.

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