Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Offering Six Shots Of Michael Brown!

St. Joseph bar offering a dead body special.

In Missouri, continued unrest. Three weeks since the St. Louis County prosecutor decided to not indict a Ferguson officer in the death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, the nation continues to have strong emotions and criticisms towards the decision.

It's practically divides race, class and political views. Got this person who reads our blog flooding the comment section with apples and orange stories. Now here's another one for the person to comment on.

About 283 miles from St. Louis in the city of St. Joseph, a bar is under fire after the media was tipped off to choice of drinks it was trying to offer its patrons.

Mug Shots pub is facing some heavy heat after it was trying to give its customers the Michael Brown.
A deal
The Michael Brown offered 6 shots of alcohol. It played a reference of how many times former Ferguson officer Darren Wilson put into the unarmed teen.

The drink was six shots of  Jose Cinge, a popular rum among bar flies.

One of the owners who spoke under anonymity told the junk food media that the situation will be corrected. They "truly apologized" for the reference to the unarmed teen.

It hit the social media networks after someone discovered it being offered at the St. Joseph bar.

Lastly, it didn't make it any better after it was discovered that Anonymous was going to shame the business by releasing their names.

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