Monday, December 01, 2014

Missouri's Republican Lieutenant Guv Wants Michael Brown's Step-Dad Thrown In The Iron College!

The racist right wants the law to arrest Michael Brown's step-father. The racist right would probably want to unzip their pants and urinate on the grave of the unarmed teen who was shot by former Ferguson officer Darren Wilson.

When democracy works.

When the Insurgency came forth, they were protesting. Sometimes it was violent. They would say things that would incite riots. After all, when the Democrats passed the Affordable Health Care act, the insurgents were harassing and even spat on lawmakers.

The liberals and civil rights leaders were mocking them as White extremists. These White extremists would win control of Congress. Republicans are doing their gloating and bragging tour.

All because of these so-called lazy knot heads in the Black and Hispanic community finding no interest in both parties. They didn't vote. They let generations of Blacks and Hispanics down by not voting. All that hard fought battles for the right to vote are wasted. Now Republicans can deviate control of how things are ran in the state house and the Congress.

Now when angry Black citizens are protesting a verdict of a crime, the racist right and their allies in the conservative media are calling them criminals.

Don't you love America?

See if a White group of people protest, loot and riot, the media looks at this as unruliness after an event (say a sports team winning or losing). You don't see a conservative agitator calling for arrest when a bunch of assholes destroy properties and assault police. The police don't use deadly force on college students.

But if a Black group of people protest, loot, and riot, the media looks at this as angry thuggish behavior. Say in the reaction to Darren Wilson walking, the citizens reacted like every other person. It's like sports team losing. They weren't happy with the decision. You see conservative agitators calling for police to use excessive or deadly force on protesters. You hear complaints about Rev. Perm, Cut His Nuts Off Jackson and President Barack Obama in every case of racial injustice.

Since we have the first Black president, racism should be over, right? That's what the racist rights says while posting condescending reactions about the situation.

The junk food media loves to see reaction. That's how they pull in ratings. Obviously, one community with a few knot heads can be blown up on Loserville as thousands of people rioting.

With that being said, the Republican second banana wants to be throwing everyone on camera saying their opinion in the lockup.

Missouri lieutenant governor Peter Kinder is a happy Republican. Darren Wilson walked a free man. He and many Republicans are patting each other on the back after watching the controversial verdict that allowed the former Ferguson officer walk free after he put slugs in unarmed Michael Brown.

Earlier in August, this moron said that the Browns and residents of St. Louis County should abide to the Anglo-American justice that protects privileged people like him.

“My prayers go up for all in Ferguson and North St. Louis County, that we get peace and justice restored. We do not do justice in America in the streets, though. We have legal processes that are set in motion, that are designed after centuries of Anglo-American jurisprudence tradition. They’re designed to protect the rights and liberties of everyone involved. That includes the Brown family, for justice for them and for the community. It also includes the officer who has not yet been charged. Our constitutional and our Bill of Rights protections have to be followed here, and we do not do justice in the streets.”

It's unique that Democratic governor Jay Nixon has a Republican lieutenant governor. A rare first. I bet they hate each other with a passion. After all Nixon is toast. I wouldn't be surprised that Kinder is looking to take the governor's mansion shortly.

But anyway, Kinder went to the insurgent radio host Laura Ingraham to threaten the grieving parents of that unarmed teen. He was demanding that the law should arrest grieving step-father Louis Head. Head was seen on camera embracing Leslie McFadden, the mother of Michael Brown.

The protesters are heading to Jefferson City to protest the verdict and probably going to pay Nixon and Kinder a visit too.

The right wing agitators are also happy that Wilson walked. Obviously, Wilson resigned over the weekend with at least nearly $1 million in the back pocket. He and his new wife will raise a family with money on the table. Donations from thousands of racist bigots.

I am guessing that that annoying conservative agitator on Loserville is aiming to get Wilson's side of the story. After all I'm listening to this annoying conservative agitator and he's trying to use footage of the looting for his nightly right wing carnival. He wants those individuals arrested. Yet, this is the very same agitator who want to incite Cliven Bundy and his minions at the Nevada ranch.

Obviously with that incitement, two young White extremists went on a rampage through Las Vegas killing two officers while they were eating at a CiCi's Pizza. And then they killed the good guy with a gun. These people didn't expect that a White person with a gun was so dangerous. If a Black person entered the pizza shop with a gun, they would have drawn upon entrance.

Damn shame that Blacks lives don't matter according to the racist right.

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani wants Dorian Johnson and every other witness who testified against Wilson to be prosecuted for "lying" to the grand jury.

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