Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hannity: Jay-Z Knows The Dope Game Like Obama And Cuomo!

Jay-Z and Beyonce meets Prince William of England and his wife Kate. According to that annoying conservative agitator, that former "crack dealer" Jay-Z was selling them rocks to Prince William. 

The country's most annoying conservative agitator still simmering over President Barack Obama's victory in 2012. He blames that guy who once sold dope in the Mercy Neighborhood projects.

He believes that if it wasn't for that guy and his pop singer wife, Barack Obama would be somewhere in Kenya blaming America for his loss.

The conservative agitator never shy to express his "outrage" about how the president, Attorney General Eric Holder and Rev. Perm are stroking anti-White sentiment.

Early this week, the media mogul and Democratic governor of New York Andrew Cuomo discussed the Eric Garner decision and how Black America can improve damaged relations with the New York Police Department.

Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York pissed off the police union after he told the nation that his son Dante (born of mixed race) has to be even careful when being confronted by police. The police union must have ignored the many officer involved shootings of unarmed citizens. The outrage from the Black community is the fact that those officers used deadly force on unarmed citizens and managed to beat the conviction rap.
This man is a hot mess.
de Blasio, Cuomo and Shawn Carter (aka Jay-Z) have been very passionate about the decision to allow the NYPD officer walk. They have a right to be upset.

That conservative agitator and those who supported the decision to allow the officer walk are passionate about it. They deserve the right to gloat.

And this gloating continued since the decision to allow that Ferguson cop to walk. This annoying conservative agitator was front and center in running his mouth about how Black men being criminals and the such.

I guess on his right wing carnival he had another case of pointless name calling and insert Obama anywhere segment.


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