Sunday, December 21, 2014

Die In At Walmart!

Protester outside Beavercreek Walmart. In August 2014, John Crawford was shot and killed by police after he picked up an air rifle.

The protesters for Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and John Crawford III were at the Walmart in the Dayton. Ohio suburb of Beavercreek to stage a "die in".

The protesters were causing such a ruckus the store had temporary shut down.

They believe that the shooting of Crawford and the death of Angie Williams were unjustified.

John Crawford was in the Walmart and he picked up an open air rifle. The caller Ronald Ritchie called the law on him after he accused him of waving the gun at children.

Officers responded quickly. They gave the warning to drop and within two seconds, Crawford was gunned down. He would die on route to hospital.

He was in given right to purchase a firearm. But to the residents of Beavercreek and the racist right, he's a criminal.

FRED101, no comments from this point. I will no longer allow comments on certain stories. It's not that I want to "censor" you, but I am getting really tired of reading the word vomit you leave that totally ignores the purpose. I don't have time to explain your comments or counter balance. I rather continue posting.

You seem to come around only when it involves race. So I will now put a decreed on certain stories.

Any story that involves Black issues, I will not allow comments. You can certainly comment on issues involving our community and entertainers. I don't worry what happens in Lil' Wayne or Kim Kardashian's world. Go to town on it.

But sensitive issues such as unarmed citizens being killed by law enforcement is certainly driving you to Journal de la Reyna.

This and other events have certainly divided thought.

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