Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Cop In Eric Garner Stranglehold Walks!

The cop involved in the death by stranglehold of Eric Garner walked free tonight. Of course, I told you to not hold your breathe for an indictment.

This is the straw that broke the camel's back. Too many times.

A grand jury decided not to indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo involved in Garner's death.

Eric Garner (September 15, 1970 – July 17, 2014) had been employed as a horticulturist at the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

Garner was a 350-pound (160 kg), 43-year-old, 6'3" (1.91 m) tall, asthmatic African American man.

He has been described by his friends as a "neighborhood peacemaker" and as a generous, congenial person. He had six children.Garner had been previously arrested and was out on bail for selling untaxed cigarettes, driving without a license, marijuana possession and false personification. All minor offensives.

To the racist right, it's nothing but criminal behavior from a THUG.

To the racist right, it's Barack Obama, Rev. Perm and Eric Holder who inspire Black criminal behavior.

To the racist right every time Blacks react to an injustice, expect those agitators to throw around this condescending Black on Black crime meme. The racist right would rather see the Blacks stop blaming America. Black America believes that these justified "homicides" by those wearing badges is a a travesty.

More developments will follow as we continue to cover this.

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