Monday, December 08, 2014

Conservative Outrage Over Rolling Stone Mag's Rape Story!

Rolling Stone magazine with Lady Gaga as a feature. The entertainer admits that she was a victim of rape on the Howard Stern show on SiriusXM radio.

The Rolling Stone magazine is doing some damage control after one of its writers wrote a damning story about a woman being allegedly raped by members of a fraternity at the University of Virginia.

The managing editor for Rolling Stone, Will Dana apologized for factual discrepancies between a story that was run about an apparent Gang rape in the University of Virgina's campus. The Magazine stated that it had misplaced its trust on 'Jackie', the nickname of the student who asserted she was raped at a fraternity's party in 2012.

Dana also admitted that Rolling Stone never attempted to contact the accused, at the request of Jackie. The fraternity in question said that it did not have an officially sanctioned party on the date described, nor was the person accused actually a member of said fraternity.

The University of Virgina president Teresa Sullivan commented that the developments will not alter the university’s focus on “one of the most difficult and critical issues facing higher education today: sexual violence on college campuses.
College rape is real.
Somehow the issues of college rape falls on deaf ears when the victim is being questioned by those who believe it's a hoax. Rape allegations are serious. There's nothing funny about an accusation of rape. People are often afraid to go to the law in fear of repercussions by those who have power.

See the controversy with Bill Cosby went unheard until 2014. There's been allegations for years that Cosby has cheated on his wife. But most ignored it and often thought that as human beings, this was a personal matter. But some often question the accuser because they believe its extortion. The attempt to wrestle namesake and dollars out of the accused.

Understand that rape is rape. Nothing funny. It's a serious crime. A crime that should often carry a severe punishment of time in the iron college. Some states advocate the pills and gas for some who may end up giving the victim a STD or ending up killing their victim.

Filing a false report is also a serious crime. The time spent to solve a crime is costly. When an accuser wrongfully and willingly files a report, it can ruin the reputation of the accused.

The racist right only accepts the accused when they're mostly WHITE and privileged.

Charles C. Johnson of Got News.
For you see the agitators of the racist right, namely Charles C. Johnson of GotNews threatening to post the actual name of the alleged rape victim. Really, this is the narrative of the racist right.


Johnson is totally unapologetic about releasing the name. He is getting death threats from those who believe he's crossed the line.

Charles C. Johnson was too nutty for Breitfart and The Blaze, so he struck it out on his own. He created the GotNews website to promote the narrative that liberals are contributing to victimhood.

Some of the stories posted by Johnson usually involve victim shaming stories that the conservative agitators use to debunk the victim's claims.

It's been done in the Trayvon Martin shooting. It's been done in the Michael Brown shooting. It's been done in the Eric Garner shooting. It's being done right now in the Tamir Rice shooting.

Each of these individuals were either unarmed or in their right to operate a firearm. But to the racist right and those who support them, they're nothing but THUGS and NIGGERS who had it coming.

This victim allegedly named "JACKIE" and a picture surfaced of the victim, I don't want to post the picture. It's not worth it. I mean posting of the name by the agitator is sickening enough. I mean I even cringe when the name was posted.


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