Wednesday, December 10, 2014

No Weapons Drawn When Elderly Woman Ran Into Utah Police Cruiser!

Nevada woman thanks Utah State Patrol for their kind deeds.

The #CrimingWhileWhite meme continues. The good heartfelt story about a woman who was traveling to Salt Lake City to see her dying son getting a ride from Utah State Highway Patrol. The woman was pulled over for a minor traffic violation. She was given a verbal warning by trooper.

But before she could leave she accidentally bumped into the police cruiser. Instead of coming out with gun drawn, he would give the woman a ride to Salt Lake City.

How nice! I just wondering if the woman was not elderly or non-White, would this kind hearted trooper would have given a ride to the person?

Trooper Jeff Jones stopped Helen "Skeeter" Smith of Panaca, NV on Interstate 15 in the desert plains of Millard County.

The 87-year old woman said that she has bad eye sight and was distraught. Jones would aid her to the next county where three other troopers would aid her for the next 184 miles.

So the trooper arranged to move Smith’s car to a sheriff’s department parking lot and coordinated a shuttle system with troopers in other counties to get the woman to the hospital.
Trooper Jeff Jones assists Helen Smith (ABC News)
Utah State troopers aid Helen "Skeeter" Smith to the hospital.
Jones shuttled the woman himself to Juab County, where Trooper Jared Jensen drove Smith to Utah County, where Trooper Chris Bishop drove her to Salt Lake County and dropped her off with Trooper Andrew Pollard.

Pollard drove her to the hospital, where Smith was able to visit her son.

A spokesman for the Utah Highway Patrol said Jones was not directed by a supervisor to assist the woman, but he did the right thing by providing the service Smith needed.

“I just decided she needed help and we do help shuttle people once in a while — so why not her?” Jones said.

Even though Smith's son is still ill and seeking treatment, the woman had nothing but kind things to say about the officers who helped her. “I ended up taking four patrol cars,” she said. “Four good-lookin’ patrol boys brought me.”

Another thing, did the officer do a search of Smith? Obviously, not.

The woman was elderly and White.

I send my condolences to the family of Darrien Hunt. He was shot and killed by law enforcement in Provo suburb of Saratoga Springs after he was allegedly thrusting his replica sword at them.

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