Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thrift Store Rapper Benzino Is A Hot Mess!

Thrift store rapper Raymond "Benzino" Scott continues his path to failure.

The failed veteran of hip-hop Raymond "Benzino" Scott is pathetic.

He's just as worse as perennial loser Mitt Romney. He just won't crawl under that rock and die.

I've heard that he's been fired out the cannon after getting into a fight with Stevie J from Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta. VH1 the graveyard for washed up entertainers has reality shows out the wazoo.

The Love & Hip-Hop series is popular and I am guessing that even this washed up rapper was helping the program a little bit.

TMZ reports that the washed up rapper got into a heated confrontation with Stevie J.

TMZ broke the story ... the washed up rapper got the ax right after the brawl on the reunion taping, which sent people to the hospital and resulted in criminal charges filed against Joseline Hernandez.

Stevie J tells TMZ ... "[That fool] wouldn't let it go" ... he went on a campaign of terror, threatening the lives of him and Joseline, producers and other staffers. Stevie tells us, "He said flat out he was going to kill us."

The threats were too much for VH1 and we're told that's why Benzino was banished.

But the washed up rapper tells us, "Stevie J is a habitual liar and VH1 has never given me a reason for being fired."

The washed up rapper thinks this is all about star power and he's the scapegoat because "They wanted to keep the crackhead whore."
50 Cent and XXL mocked the washed up rapper for using his child to jump start an already terminated rap career.
Stevie J was once the washed up rapper's producer for many of his albums.

Most notably he's bragged about banging some of the baddest bitches in the music industry. Of course most women have denied ever sleeping with him.

This man is so irritating I had to find a place for him. He is probably one of the reasons why the music industry is struggling. He managed to run The Source, the country's most popular hip-hop magazine into the ground. Matter of fact, it's still in the ground and trying to survive. It went through bankruptcy proceedings when he and owner Dave Mays blew money fast.

It's well known that since the late 1980s, Harvard educated White man Dave Mays helped this washed up rapper promote his failed albums, his failed groups, his failed businesses and his feud with Eminem.

He used the magazine to fight Eminem, one of the greatest rapper ever. All because he was the only White rapper who managed to crossover to mainstream success. His feud with Eminem led to Interscope pulling advertising out of The Source.

Again, I was once a subscriber to The Source Magazine. The magazine was delivered to my home without problems. When I stopped getting my magazine during the third year, I was starting to have issues with it. I wrote letters, called The Source and even voice my opinion online. But nothing came.

I got the run around. When it was told that the magazine was suffering in sales because of the feud with Eminem, people started flocking to XXL Magazine. Now XXL Magazine is the country's most read hip-hop magazine. The Source sold off its franchising to the shareholders of Black Enterprises.

The shareholders ended up terminating Dave Mays and that washed up rapper. They ended up starting up Hip-Hop Weekly. And yes they still are blowing money fast.

The washed up rapper was shot in his hometown of Boston back in March. His own nephew was pissed that the washed up rapper stalled his business deal. He put a couple of slugs into the rapper's arm and was eventually caught.

This feud happened on the day the rapper's mother (nephew's grandmother) was to be buried.

The washed up rapper's nephew Gai Scott will probably get 25 in the iron college for the felonious assault with a firearm.

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