Wednesday, November 19, 2014

People: The Most Sexiest White Man!

Chris Hemsworth was nominated for the yearly cover.

Chris Hemsworth was chosen as People's Choice for The Most Sexiest Man,

People Magazine once again picking a White male for the most sexiest.cover and its sparking controversy. As usual, I told the readers last year, that I don't care for celebrities. I am not interested in their lives. They are entertainers, athletes and politicians.

When I picked up a People Magazine, I usually check out the magazine for some of the attention grabbing stories. Usually I pick it up when it talks about a hot teacher or an attractive actress who caught my eye.

But one thing I've often ignored was the Sexiest Man covers. I didn't care for them. I am not interested in these magazine covers of flaunting men. But as they continue to release another year of the most Sexiest Man, I happen to see more White men and not men of color on the front page.

But I do care about how these magazines ignore celebrities of non-color?

Yes and no!

Yes, because people are starting to notice. Me and S. Baldwin noticed it.

No. I don't often subscribe to a People Magazine. It's nothing but drama in my opinion. Its like Facebook on paper. People showing off what they got and making me feel like I ain't got much!

As a consolation, People posted British actor Idris Elba and Chris Pratt at the bottom. At best, the closest Black male celebrity to make it Elba.

People Magazine must really think we're stupid.

For the last 15 years, there's been a cover and the last person that was of non-color to my knowledge is Denzel Washington.

People Magazine really disappoints me.

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