Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Big Bank Theory Sacks The President's Address!

CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox are not going to air the president's address to the nation on his executive order to loosen immigration rules. They got a big lineup of shows on and they're not going to risk hearing the wrath of angry couch potatoes.

The president and Congress have failed in getting things done this session. The U.S. Senate passed a immigration reform bill but the House of Representatives didn't. It's likely going to die. The Keystone XL pipeline also died. The House passed it with strong Republican majority and died on one by the U.S. Senate. The Republicans with their 54 majority in the U.S. Senate, will wrangle some conservative (spineless chickenshit) Democrats to pass it in the new session. Nonetheless, the immigration reform is off the table. The healthcare law is going to be repealed again and this time Republicans will hang this around the neck of the next batch of Democrats up for slaughter.

The president is hoping to please Hispanics, Asians and non-American citizens by relaxing rules on federal immigration laws. He has the power to do so, but it comes with a price. This will spark a debate on getting a law passed in the lame duck session of Congress. It will also spur the notion that the president didn't listen to the American voter. Or perhaps the Republican Party is truly the party of racist and ignorant assholes.

The Republicans are threatening to shut down the government and impeachment if the president goes through on his promise.

So the president is telling the Republicans that he's done fucking around with them. He's got two years, he's going to go hard and finally push them to the edge. Republicans won the Midterms on the notion of fear and the president's low approval with his supporters.

The big networks are not giving the president an opportunity to broadcast his message. They are willing to stream it online, but no interruption of scheduling.

The Big Bank Theory is the country's most watched sitcom. The CBS Executives would be happy to air the address, but not on Thursday. The same goes for ABC, they have Grey's Anatomy and Scandal on Thursday. They don't want to deny the stans an opportunity to see episode.

Fox got Bones and Gracepoint that air. NBC got the Biggest Loser. A big reality show for the couch potatoes. Although these shows pull a huge base of stans, CBS and ABC win the night.

NBC's sister station Univision and the cable news channels are going to air the president's address to the nation.

The racist right is talking about it. They feel that this is a "snub" to the president.

Think what could happen if there's a serious event in America and the president speaks. We seen how they've reacted during the Sandy Hook school shooting a few years back. One Sunday, he talks during a NFL conference game and these racist bastards go all out on him.

Don't worry, the message will be heard!

Sad news, The Millers was given the ax on CBS. The sitcom was promoted on Monday after The Big Bang Theory and later 2 Broke Girls. According to the gods of junk food media criticism, ratings dropped fast.

So in order to finish off the sitcoms void, CBS is likely going to ax, Mike & Molly will take the helm. The show is coming back (for the time being). Mom, The McCarthys, are on the bubble as well as Mike & Molly. They are ending Two & Half Men after Angus T. Jones quit the show. The Charlie Sheen era netted nine seasons. The fiasco did help push the show for three more seasons. But with the half man gone, it's curtains for the long running sitcom.

The Millers starred Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, Margo Martindale, Beau Bridges and J.B. Smooth

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