Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ratings Grabber!

Loserville anchor got cursed out by protesters who felt the conservative network mislead the audience on the protests.

The junk food media is stirring the pot. Looking for ratings, the junk food media hopes there will be riots and brutal attacks on residents in Ferguson, Missouri. In the wake of the possibility the Ferguson officer Darren Wilson walks, embattled Democratic governor Jay Nixon ordered the National Guard to St. Louis, Kansas City and other localities. The assumptions of Blacks rioting and looting are pouring in from the junk food media and the agitators of the conservative media.

The racist right is hoping that the "leaks" will prove that unarmed Michael Brown was a good for nothing criminal. They hope they can prove that the unarmed Brown and his friend robbed a store of a pack of Swisher Sweet cigars. They want to prove that the unarmed Brown reached for the officer's service weapons. The unarmed Brown was trying to fight the officer for the weapon. The unarmed Michael Brown was charging at the officer. They are hoping the Black community riots and cause a scene. They want to recruit more White extremists to their organizations. They want more extremists to buy firearms and persuade Republicans to loosen gun laws. They are actively hoping for Blacks to riot in the streets and brutally attack those in law enforcement. The perfect storm for the Klan to recruit. The best thing for the racist shitholes to blog about it.


The decision is coming and the St. Louis metropolitan area is gearing up for reactionary responses from those who felt that another unarmed Black man dies while a White man walks.

Three officer involved shootings happened in Ohio that I will cover.
Conservatives are hoping Ferguson officer walks.
There were two White men who were killed by Ohio police. The Montgomery County, Ohio sheriff, the Butler Township police are investigation an officer involved shooting in which a man from Arcanum was gunned down.

33 year old Andrew Davidson was being sought for a charge of stalking and harassment. Davidson disobeyed orders to drop a knife. The officers placed a few slugs in him. The officers were placed on administrative leave. It's standard procedure whenever an officer fires their service weapon.

Then another officer involved shooting happened in Dayton, Ohio. A man who was heavily armed pulled a weapon on Dayton officers. They opened fired and killed him. John Smelko, a 40 year old resident of the iron college got two in the torso after he tried to pull a draw on the two officers.

Smelko had been served up on domestic violence and weapons charges.

And the most well known shooting was the John Crawford III shooting. Crawford was on his phone when he was inside a Beavercreek Walmart. He grabbed an open pellet gun off the shelf and was walking around with it. Some of the residents were spooked by it. A caller tipped the law and two Beavercreek officers arrived. They claimed that Crawford ignored orders to drop. Crawford was on the phone and as he turned towards the left of the aisle, he was pulled by one of the officers. The officer is still on administrative leave.

The family of Crawford is planning on suing the city for unjustified murder. The FBI and U.S. Justice Department are going to look into this case. This controversy is gathering steam after a grand jury concluded that the officers used justifiable force.

When Whites riot and loot communities, it's because they're excited over a sports victory or loss.

When Black riot, they're showing the world that they're racist, violent criminals, and they're just bitching over issues that they know weren't in their favor but do it because they want "reparations".

When Whites protest and boycott businesses, the junk food media looks at this as democracy.

When Blacks protest and boycott businesses, the junk food media attacks this as ANGRY BLACK PEOPLE trying to silence freedom of speech, destroy profit creators, and just agitating Whites.

The decision is coming and we're hoping that it will be peaceful and respectful.

To Fred 101 - Hey, thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately, I strongly disagree with your aspects. I believe that you're our "ANONYMOUS" commentator who been frequently posting your comments on here. I make no bones about deleting them, ignoring them and questioning your comments.

While you may think that we're obsessed with race, we're actually not.

No what me and S. Baldwin do is talk about issues that face our community, the government and the junk food media.

This controversy affects not only race but political views. First and foremost, Darren Wilson deserves a fair trial. He is alive to tell his side of the story. Michael Brown is dead. He can't say anything. He's in the dirt. Only those who witnessed this. Whether you believe them or not, you and I weren't there. There was no dash camera. So anything can be said through the junk food media and sponges soak it up.

Regardless of the decision, I and S. Baldwin will continue forth. We will continue to demand justice for all unarmed victims of gun crimes.

The situation already got people like George Zimmerman hiding. He has to live his life in fear. Every move he makes, the junk food media will follow. He already been in the news over 20 times since the verdict that allowed him to walk. Every time was for some idle threat using a firearm.

If Darren Wilson returns back to the force, he'll will have to keep a low profile. Although I think he will likely not return as an officer, the junk food media wants him post decision. Obviously Loserville will try to get him to speak out if he's found not guilty.

If the grand jury decides to prosecute Wilson then he lawyers up and hope that he gets off. If not, people will be celebrating or showing anger. Human nature.

Fred 101, Republican, any conservative/liberatarian and/or racist commentator here: Don't you dare confuse an opinion as a fact. There's no facts. It's heresy.

You best believe that I want to see justice for Michael Brown. The first step is to get more people out to vote. Americans need to vote so they can change the way things are running in Washington, DC.

Republicans coming to Congress isn't going to change shit. They suck! They support the murders of innocent victims here and abroad. The Democrat suck even more! They pretend to be your friends but they'll kill you slowly. They support the murders of innocent victims here and abroad. They cry and scream but stand on the sidelines like the pussies they are!

Second the Ferguson Police must  work with the Black community. They need to understand the frustration of the Black community. They are upset over this. You're not Black. You're probably WHITE, MALE and CONSERVATIVE. You probably never been profiled by police. Black males have. And I for one am tired of it. I work two fucking jobs. I deserve the right to be angry about the situation.

So take a chill! The decision will come.

I got more important things to do than destroy my community. Got it.

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