Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Darren Wilson: I Did My Job! No Way [Michael Brown] Had His Hands Up!

Do you see any broken skin or broken eye socket?
Let's first send our condolences to Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Jonathan Crawford, Michael Brown, Renisha McBride, Monica Quan, Jordan Davis, Haydia Pendleton and Christopher Lane. These individuals were unarmed or victims of circumstances by perception.

I want to send my condolences to all victims of gun violence. From Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, Tuscon, Virginia Tech, Boston Marathon, and Chicago.

The United States of America is the leader of death by gun! You can't tell me nothing about how a gun can protect your family, property and your life when you're caught off guard like the concealed carry individual who was gunned down by two White extremists in Las Vegas this year. He wanted to be a hero and lost his life in an attempt to stop them.

Now with that being said, I want to thank you to S. Baldwin for allowing me to vent off about this.

You know that often I've talked about Black America and the roads we've crossed. Again, I am working on hopping back on YouTube this coming month to do one video. It's entitled Black Men vs, Niggas: Salvation. It will be done in December.

Next, I will hope that this situation in Ferguson will inspire more demonstrations. The demonstrations will drive U.S. law enforcement to change their ways. Hoping this movement could strike a nerve in the next elections.

This officer got an opportunity to tell his side of the story. Darren Wilson is willing to his side. He won the night by not being indicted. He also went into the situation by addressing it with no remorse for his actions.

He say that Michael Brown was acting demonic and had the body mass like Hulk Hogan.

The junk food media is hoping to get the vindicated Darren Wilson's side of the story. Of course, while he talks, Ferguson continues another day of unrest. The grand jury decision on Monday was no probable cause for indictment.

This motherfucker goes to ABC News George Stephanopoulos to tell his side of the story.

One is to say that I'm not a happy camper on the decision. I feel that every Black man's life is worthless according to those in law enforcement and those White conservative extremists.

This motherfucker and those who support him are sparking a flame.

I used to think that we are coming together in the age of Obama. This incident and many others in America made me more cautious about White people. Am I am more angry with the White man?

No. Well maybe.

Have you ever heard a person say that Barack Obama being in the White House benefits Blacks and Hispanics more than Whites?

Yeah, I've heard it too many times. I am tired of it.

I don't think all White people are evil or all Black people are evil. We're human beings. This is very passionate. I mean as Americans, we're entitled to be who we are. And even for those who are a part of the racist right, they can express their thoughts. Unfortunately, the spark is growing and it's about to light up across the country.

We live in the greatest (well a decent) country. I mean this is an opportunity to share your thoughts on the Michael Brown shooting, the Darren Wilson verdict and the aftermath.

I would love to hear that a White unarmed teen was killed by law enforcement. I would love to hear that the officer was Black. I would love to hear the junk food media go off the cuff with trying to look into his social networks, his previous encounters with individuals, possible criminal record and the narrative of this White on White or White on Black crime nonsense.

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