Saturday, November 01, 2014

Conservative Outrage Over Mary Landrieu's Comments About Race In The South!

Worthless Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-LA) takes on worthless Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA). The insurgent candidate Rob Maness is in this race too. Hopefully the Republicans don't allow the insurgent siphon off votes from Cassidy.

The inept Republicans lined up their choice for U.S. Senate in Louisiana. The establishment candidate U.S. Representative Bill Cassidy is trying to uproot embattled Democratic senator Mary Landrieu.

Both candidates suck. Landrieu for being an opportunist. Cassidy for being part of this gridlock machine that has stalled Washington, DC. Both are useless politicos and they're fighting for a victory in the Pelican State.

A few things matters. Democrats are counting on the Black vote, the Hispanic vote, young voters, and women. These blocks are usually in favor of Democrats. The Republicans are hoping that these groups sit it out this election.

With less than three days to the U.S. Midterm Election, the racist right and the Republican Party will hope that enough White voters turnout in mass to vote the Democrats out.

One thing I've noticed in the Wikipedia is the Republican slur Obamacare. The actual term is Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act and Landrieu supported it. The inept Republicans want to tie everything around the neck of Landrieu and President Barack Obama.

Now you know those folks in the South aren't hip to the president. Alabama, Arkansas, West Virginia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, parts of Tennessee and Kentucky are really critical of the president. Matter of fact, some of the most offensive things to hit your crazy old uncle's email comes directly from Republicans and some of the Democrats from these regions.

Landrieu in an interview with GOP Sundays/Obama News moderator Chuck Todd told a sad but true statement of constituents in the rural South.

"To be very, very honest with you, the South has not always been the friendliest place to African-Americans. It’s been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a positive light as a leader. It’s not always been a good place for women to be able to present ourselves, it’s more of a conservative place."

Yeah, Landrieu should have mentioned the Hurricane Katrina fiasco. You know the folks over at Loserville and most of the junk food media referred to Americans as "refugees".

Cassidy would go to friendly territory. He would talk to Megyn the Outrage Princess about how outraged he was to hear that. And matter of fact, he would say that she's desperate and hoping to capitalize off the "race card".

"I wish she would focus more on policies instead of insulting. [You know] if she actually lived here, [she would know that] we're not racist, we just have common sense," Cassidy concluded.

She would later state:

"The main reason the President has struggled here is because his energy policies are not in line with the people of Louisiana. We are a pro-drilling, pro-oil, gas state. The offshore moratorium was extremely unpopular and, in my opinion, wholly unwarranted. It made a lot of people angry and put many businesses at risk. In addition, the south has not always been the friendliest or easiest place for African Americans to advance, and it’s been a difficult place for women to be recognized as the leaders we are. Everyone knows this is the truth, and I will continue to speak the truth even as some would twist my words seeking political advantage."

You know I've read the comments from the Huffington Post. Some on Facebook openly agreed with Landrieu. On top of that Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal was attacking the statements.

"[Senator Mary Landrieu's comments we're] a major insult … to the people of Louisiana."

This is coming from a person who's real name is Piyush. 

Anyway, how you feel about it. Leave us a name and message and we'll be happy to respond.

The race has Landrieu in a slight. Landrieu 44.5% to Cassidy 44.3%. If the candidates fail to reach 51% of the vote, they will have to face a runoff election. I conclude this as a TOSS UP.

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