Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cleveland Police's Slugs Kills Teen Playing With Fake Gun!

Cleveland police kill a teen who was playing legally with an airsoft pellet gun.

And the beat goes on!

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Tamir Rice.

As the nation watches the outcome of Ferguson, the Cleveland Police are under fire for shooting a juvenile who was playing with an Airsoft pellet gun.

A White man calls the dispatch on a teen playing with a gun. The officers respond with deadly response.

The law reports that the teen wasn't pointing the weapon at the officers.

There will be a federal investigation and disciplinary action to the first year officer and a veteran officer. They are on administrated leave after this. The officers were called to West Boulevard on reports of a child playing with a gun. Some have also claimed that the firearm could be "fake". The law responded accordingly. The officers claimed that they ordered the teen to drop the weapon. According to the officers they saw the teen reach into his waist and the officer (first year) fired two slugs into the child.
Cleveland police facing a huge controversy after a child was killed.
Tamir E. Rice was rushed to the local hospital died in surgery.

Here's what happens when police officers shoot unarmed or mistaken as suspects. If they're Black shooting victims by law enforcement, the media releases the name. Then of course, the outrage from the political arm chair assholes. Then the racial extremists who have the audacity to label the dead a "thug" or a "nigger".

Can't wait to hear what the conservative agitators say about this situation!

Fred 101, are you going to claim that the boy was assaulting an officer?

Listen carefully, Fred 101, The teen didn't point the firearm or made any menacing moves toward the officers.

I mean they shot the teen at a distance. He probably didn't even know how serious the police were.

I am guessing you're taking your talking points from one of those shitholes.

Anyway the racist right will raise the questions about the teen having a criminal record. They can't go a day without searching the social networks for "damning evidence".

With all these relaxed gun laws, the boy was clearly in legal right to have a BB gun. I mean it wasn't near a school zone. Just a nice Saturday afternoon when this happened.

I am surprised that the law was even called. The teen didn't attack anyone with the firearm. He was on a swing. Again he did not point a firearm at the law.
Looks real.
This will be a continuing story here on Journal de la Reyna.

Similar incident happened in August when John Crawford was killed by Beavercreek officers. The officers responded to a man who carrying a firearm inside a Walmart. He was killed by Officer Sean Williams. The video shows that the officer shot Crawford from a distance while he was holding an airsoft pellet gun. He was on the phone at the time of this shooting.

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