Sunday, November 02, 2014

"Model Looking" Black Guy Knocks Out Guy Dressed Up As A Loserville Anchor!

Sean Kory got time in county lockup for assault.
Great, a liberal Black guy who hits a conservative guy dressed up as an anchor from Loserville.

Just the iceberg the Democratic ship needs to sink. The racist right is agitated enough with Black on White crime. Just give the racist right another reason to blame Black for almost everything wrong with America. But how about those evil anti-American liberals beating up on those patriotic conservatives.

Sean Kory got some time in the county lockup for felonious assault. On top of that, he may get time in the iron college. Over a guy dressing up as a part of the junk food media.

Hey, buddy! Just because you don't like Loserville doesn't mean for you to let your anger and irrational behavior become the best of you.

The guy who dressed up as a Loserville anchor wanted attention. No duh.

Just you wait, if someone filmed this, you got the agitators of the racist right whining on television, radio and blogs.

Apparently this fool was drunk when he told the victim that he hated the conservative-leaning network and grabbed the fake microphone.

Then of course, he would rub the fake microphone in his crotch and then start pummeling him with an aluminum tennis racket.
Anchor Laura Ingle was jacked of her microphone after a man tried to interrupt a segment on a man's new iPhone.
Given this is a Black person and a political issue. Here's a taste of the racist word vomit that came straight out of the bandwidth. Note these are the voters who will could make The Turtle from Kentucky the Majority Leader. These are the voters who continue to allow the Weeper of the House from Ohio fuck this country up.

Get your magnifying glass here's another dose of word vomit.

He must be an AIDS-infected liberal. - Guest.

Stupid knee grow. - Texazz

Must be the insects in his unwashed hair that made him do it. - Fo Sho

Typical fascist Left. Before anyone goes there, no I don't watch Fox News, I don't like Fox News, but they also don't make me angry, and I have no desire to silence them. Same goes for MSNBC and all opinion driven "journalism." - Alex Chamberlain

If he were in an MSNBC costume nobody would watch or look.. - No More Political Parties

Reverend Al would be a-protesting and passing the plate around. - No More Political Parties

Just goes to show how deep the Fox derangement and hate goes in the minds of the left. - Dear Leader Has No Pants

Just another violent, unhunged liberal. - Skippy3000

Liberal 'diversity' outreach at work - Chew

Of course, this was linked by the racial arsonist. His blog is full of racially charged stories. Without these type of stories, how could the racist right survive. The racial arsonist can't sway elections. He's just entertainment for the racist right. That annoying conservative agitator and O'Loofus are the prime examples of the divisive and destructive nonsense that drives these losers to the comment sections.

Without racial stories Asshat Colin Flaherty would be out of business. Them White extremists wouldn't be able to vent online about those evil NIGGERS and their attack on Loserville and White people.

Anyway, you have two days before the election. You have one more day of early voting and then Election Day.

Make this clear.





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