Monday, October 27, 2014

The Tar Hills Have Eyes!

The battle in the Tar Hill state. Embattled Democratic politico Kay Hagan is taking on establishment nominee Thom Tillis, the North Carolina Speaker of the Statehouse.

The Democrats are extremely nervous about the prospects of Kay Hagan, the embattled senator from the state of North Carolina. She is locked in a dead heat with the establishment nominee Thom Tillis.

I had it at Leans Democratic. But alas, I will throw it into the Toss Up category. The category is valuable in this race for control of the Senate. Republicans are hoping that Obama's negative popularity could help them win control of Congress. Although, Congress under both parties is pretty damn bad, Republicans are more motivated to getting their base out to vote.

Early voting is the only key for Hagan to win. After all, Charlotte, Greensboro, Fayetteville are minority majority cities. Hagan is banking on the Black and Hispanic votes to carry her to victory.

The first term senator is fighting for her political life. She supported the president's agenda about almost 85% of the time. Hagan is the second most vulnerable candidate after Arkansas Democratic senator Mark Pryor.

Janet Kay Ruthven Hagan (/ˈheɪɡən/; born May 26, 1953) is the junior United States Senator from North Carolina, in office since January 2009. Previously she served in the North Carolina Senate from 1999 to 2009. She is a member of the Democratic Party.

When Hagan defeated Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole in the 2008 United States Senate election, she became the first woman to defeat an incumbent woman in a Senate election.

Hagan is running for re-election in 2014 in what is considered one of the toughest reelection bids in the country, facing Republican Thom Tillis, and Libertarian Sean Haugh.

Thomas Roland "Thom" Tillis (born August 30, 1960) is a Republican member of the North Carolina House of Representatives from Mecklenburg County, and Speaker of the House, and is also the Republican Party's nominee for the 2014 U.S. Senate election in North Carolina.

Tillis, the son of a boat draftsman, was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but also lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Nashville, Tennessee, growing up.

His family moved especially frequently when he was in elementary school, as he never went to the same school in back-to-back years. In high school, Tillis was elected student body president and graduated near the top of his class.

After graduating high school at 17, Tillis left home to get a job, telling The Charlotte Observer that he and his siblings "weren't wired to go to college."He would eventually go back to school, attending Chattanooga State Community College and receiving his bachelor's degree in technology management from the University of Maryland University College in 1996.

Hagan was stalked by "protesters" according to that annoying conservative agitator's show.

You know that Thom Tillis has operatives trying to sway voters. Obviously that conservative agitator is one of those operatives who is trying to sway votes.

If the election was held today, I am guessing Hagan would survive. But still it's too early to predict the outcome.

Pat McCrory, the Republican governor of the state tried to pass a voter identification law that was considerably strict and discriminatory. Many figured that he was trying to marginalize Black, poor, and young voters with this.

The shooting death of Jonathon Ferrell also happened last year and still has people totally pissed off over the officers not being charged. This sparked the Moral March protests.

The Moral March were covered by me and S. Baldwin this year. This was the motivation for gaining new voters. Hopefully, North Carolina decides on who going to Washington.

Agriculture, tobacco, technology, aviation and coal make North Carolina prime real estate.

We'll see what happens November 4.

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