Thursday, October 16, 2014

Raven-Symoné: I'm American And Proud!

Younger Raven-Symoné.

Last year the actress made the news when she made her "outing".

Now the entertainer Raven-Symoné wants to tell the world that she identifies herself as American first, everything else last.

That got the junk food media's attention.

When talking the queen of daytime Oprah Winfrey, the actress addressed her heritage and her possible roots tracing back to the earlier times.

"I'm tired of being labeled, I'm an American. I'm not an African-American; I'm an American."

Also Oprah asked the actress about her dating life. Well of course, she admitted that she's dating a woman but doesn't want to be labeled a "lesbian".

"I don't want to be labeled gay, I want to be a human who loves humans."

Some didn't take kind to the words

And of course the entertainer slams her critics. She said that "Of course, she's Black". She doesn't want the world to see her as this "BLACK" entertainer who happens to be a "LESBIAN".

A mild controversy for the former Disney star.

What's your opinion on this?

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