Saturday, October 25, 2014

Obama Thanks Nina Pham For Her Service!

After being treated for Ebola, Nina Pham and Amber Vinson were the subject of death threats. The president and the Center for Disease Control are trying to calm the extreme overreaction to Ebola. The president embraces the first American on soil to have the dangerous virus.

When the conservatives go bonkers!

An iconic picture of President Barack Obama hugging the first American on soil to be exposed to the Ebola virus. Nina Pham is the first American who was diagnosis with Ebola after treating Thomas Eric Duncan. He would die of Ebola and soon Nina and Amber Vinson would be infected with it.

The panic over Ebola is the Republican Party's hope to win back Congress.

They are spreading misinformation about Ebola. And of course, they're also trying their hardest to make the case that President Barack Obama and the gubmint are the real threat.

The Republicans in the senate have stalled a nominee for the surgeon general position.

And yet, are bitching about how the president isn't doing enough to stop the crisis.

Sometimes I wish we didn't have a 24/7 news cycle. Because the folks over at Last Place News, Obama News and Loserville have certainly spread the word that Ebola is flying in the skies.

Ebola is a contiguous virus that can be spread through body fluids. It's extremely low for a person to catch it. If you don't take care of yourself, then you're at risk for it. If someone showing signs of Ebola, they will go to the hospital and the health care professionals will do their best to treat the person infected with the virus.

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