Thursday, October 02, 2014

Mom: I'm Not A Racist! I Just Didn't Want The Sperm Of THE BLACK Guy!

Ohio mom suing sperm donor after they botched up the insemination.

Really, okay.

Here's another gem the junk food media jumped on and of course we here at Journal de la Reyna will talk about.

A woman is suing a sperm bank over the fact she gave birth to a biracial baby. The issue is this woman Jennifer Cramblett and her partner are suing the facility. They are pissed that the facility gave the sperm of a Black man.

The woman gave birth to a lovely daughter, Payton. She loves the baby to death.

She's totally pissed over the fact a botched donor.
Cramblett with her partner Amanda Zinkon.
They claim that living in rural Uniontown, Ohio could be dangerous. They fear a population that is not too keen on a Black child and a lesbian couple.

So they're suing and hope that the Chicago based sperm bank will concede that they've failed.

The lawsuit claims that Cramblett and her partner Amanda Zinkon were notified of a clerical error.

They were told that a donor that was suppose to be theirs was an error. She was in the middle of her pregnancy when the unfolded.

They're seeking $50,000 in punitive damages.

What's your thoughts on this controversy?

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