Thursday, October 23, 2014

Leaks In The Ferg Case!

Someone's leaking information to taint the case.

The controversial situation in Ferguson, Missouri continues. There's a leak.

Someone is saying that someone who knows someone who knows Ferguson officer Darren Wilson is likely not going to be charged with the brutal killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

The junk food media were talking about the events that led to the ongoing unrest in the St. Louis suburb. The media has talked and talked about how the officer fired from his vehicle. The leaks are trying to sway the notion that Brown tried to reach for the service weapon.

After all he took six to bring him down.

Anyway, the perception of this is ginning up a narrative that Wilson was in the right when he aimed his service weapon at Brown.

Of course they're leaking the fact that THC was found in the system of Michael Brown.

The junk food media is doing so much stuff to make it seem like Brown was the instigator and Wilson was doing his job.

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