Friday, October 31, 2014

Conservative Outrage Over Dems Get Out To Vote Strategy!

If you're willing to allow unfiltered ignorance to reign in Washington, DC, vote for the insurgent. But if you want common sense  politics, vote for North Carolina senator Kay Hagan, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate. 

Conservatives are upset over the Democratic Senate Majority PAC using the "race card" to win.

Embattled Democratic senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina is relying on the advantages of early voting. Right now she's leading by 2 points in the polls and insurgent Thom Tillis is hoping to capitalize off the president's disappointing job approval in the state. Besides the president, the Tillis campaign got the biggest asshole on Loserville to help push out desperate votes.

That annoying conservative agitator was giving Tillis his last chance to get his racist right base out to vote. On the segment, that annoying agitator played clips of the Super Pac ad.

Then he went to bitching about Trayvon Martin, the "so-called" six to eight Black witness to back up Ferguson officer Darren Wilson, the shooter of unarmed Michael Brown and rehashing the old Southern Democrats.

He asked if Tillis was willing to condemn the ads. Of course Tillis was ready to respond to them.

Tillis would say that Barack Obama's policies aren't helpful to Black and the talk about what he may do if he wins the election. The usual promise everything but deliver nothing. Hagan done it too just to be fair.

Conservatives are so annoying. They really want Blacks, Hispanics and young voters to sit out these elections. Conservatives hope Republicans rally on their racist right base! With all the talk about  Black on White crime, illegal immigration, Ebola and ISIS, the Republicans are hoping to win the U.S. Senate on negativity.

They have no plan to bring jobs to Americans. They have no agenda to solve the economic gap between rich and poor. They want to cut the safety net. They just want to scream and yell! It's pathetic that when Democrats were in charge things were moving forward.

If it takes another thumping from Republicans to get the Democrats back to the minority, then so be it! The Democrats practically had the advantage. They managed to turnout a huge base. What went wrong?

And looking forward to Tuesday, the U.S. Senate chances are GOOD for Republicans. They have a 67% chance to take back the Senate.

And to make this clear, I am certainly not too thrill to have the inept opposition in power.

By the way, that annoying conservative agitator continues to ignore the Republicans playing the card.

If you haven't seen the Nebraska 2nd District House Race? It's not pretty. They pulled out the race card in this event. Not a peep from that annoying conservative agitator and Loserville.

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