Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Racist Right Wants A Dead Body On Trial!

Not a gang sign.

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs warns his readers that he's not the one who seeks information on the juvenile records of unarmed teen Michael Brown. He points out that a rival by the same name who created this racist right blog is demanding Missouri state attorneys release his juvenile criminal records.

GotNews is the newest racist right blog that advocates this blame the Black victim for his own demise. This agitator Charles Johnson has been on a mission to blame the victim, attack the witness and of course throw Obama into his word vomit. He will waste no time trying to agitate the White extremists with revelations of a criminal history to Brown.

Charles C. Johnson
The newest face to the racist right.
I read this blog and saw the Ferguson situation at full stream. The website is trying to debunk the claim that Michael Brown was an unarmed teen who had his hands up when Officer Darren Wilson shot him with the six.

He wasted no time trying to debunk the witnesses. He believes Ferguson resident Piaget Crenshaw was coached by the New Black Panthers. She recorded the event and talked to CNN recently about the situation. She has gotten death threats since she shown her face.

Dorian Johnson and Ms. Crenshaw are being brutalized by the racist right. In the minds of the agitators of the conservative media and the White extremists, they'll nothing but criminals who "lied" on a good cop like Wilson. They believe that these two individuals were paid by groups to tell the junk food media that they saw police brutality.

So I am guessing that Talking Points Memo got the word on this lawsuit being filed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the racist right agitator.

It turns out that even the courts found that their lawsuit to seek information turned out to be a bogus.

Again proving to the family of Michael Brown, they'll stop at nothing to smear this dead kid's name.

That's why the rush to judgement falls on both sides. Of course that "EXTREMELY" annoying conservative agitator and that one who throws shit to the wall have tried and failed on the broken eye socket narrative. They got their information from this douche and some White extremist named Jim Hoft, who by most accounts is anti-Black and totally birther.

Now this clown still won't believe the proof. Again caught in the paradox of believing things that are proven fact as liberal bias.

Michael Brown was no murderer, thief or thug.

He was a teen who bucked six times and was unarmed. Get that through your thick skulls.

If you have the sympathy for those men who lost heads overseas, why don't you bastards have sympathy for a teen who was shot six times and left for dead in the middle of the street? It took over four freaking hours to put a sheet over the body.

There's something wrong here. It's not Michael Brown. It's not Darren Wilson. It's us, the American people. Too quick to cast blame on the victims and not the perpetrator for the crime.

Fuck The Gateway Pundit and Got News. You bozos are recycled garbage. 

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