Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Racist Right Still Digging In The Crates!

Some of the photos are Michael Brown. The rest are likely false. But who cares, they're nothing incriminating about them.

Still at it, eh?

Okay, this Charles Johnson guy is just as worse as that asshat Colin Flaherty.

These White extremists are determined to blame the victim for his own death. Despite being unarmed, the white extremist is trying to find "incriminating" evidence to prove that Michael Brown, the young teen hit with six by a Ferguson cop started the confrontation.

This racist troll can't get a "smoking" gun. So he'll keep trying and trying and unfortunately drive the junk food media to it.

Okay, once again fuck Asswipe Charles Johnson, Asshat Colin Flaherty, and Assbanger Jim Hoft.

Three White extremists.

Keep it moving cause there's nothing to see here. Waste of my time.

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