Monday, September 01, 2014

The Fruits Of Labor!

Oregon people are fighting against unfair work practices.

As the unofficial end of summer comes to an end, the American media and the agitators will return well rested to debate the latest issues facing our country.

Terrorism overseas, immigration reform and now wage hikes.

President Barack Obama is an advocate for raising the minimum wage for working class Americans.

But could the president's plan do more harm than good?

I mean is it worth it for the next hired employee to make $10 an hour to the 14 years of you working for the very same?

Anyway, the Huffington Post and some are focusing on wage theft.

A practice common among business such as Walmart. Where a worker must work off the clock without getting paid. This happens in America and it's an illegal move.

Wage theft is the illegal withholding of wages or the denial of benefits that are rightfully owed to an employee. Wage theft, particularly from low wage legal or illegal immigrant workers, is common in the United States.

Wage theft can be conducted through various means such as: failure to pay overtime, minimum wage violations, employee misclassification, illegal deductions in pay, working off the clock, or not being paid at all. These violated rights have been guaranteed to workers in the United States since 1938 by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

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