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"Witness" Who Saw John Crawford With Weapon Changes Tune!

Ronald Ritchie
This guy sparked the controversy in Dayton, Ohio. He called 911 telling the law that John Crawford III was in a Beavercreek Walmart with a gun loading it and pointing it at children. He saw the video and now changed his story.

You may end up being one of the most hated individuals. This revelation of Ron Ritchie, a white shopper who tipped 911 about John Crawford III.

Crawford was shot twice by the law in Dayton, Ohio Walmart. He along with his girlfriend were shopping in the Walmart when he was carrying an air rifle.

Ritchie pictured above tipped the law. Now after he saw the video, he's has a "change of heart".

It may reveal the negligence by Beavercreek, Ohio officers and also the reactionary judgement of a person who may have a history of being a trouble maker.

Many news outlets said that this ex-Marine was the focal caller who started the chain of events that led to Crawford who was "unarmed" being killed by the law.

The Guardian had interviewed this witness and it revealed a bombshell.

"He’s, like, pointing it at people, Ritchie told the dispatcher. Later that evening, after John Crawford III had been shot dead by one of the police officers who hurried to the scene in Beavercreek, Ritchie repeated to reporters: "He was pointing at people. Children walking by."

One month later, Ritchie puts it differently. "At no point did he shoulder the rifle and point it at somebody," the 24-year-old said, in an interview with the Guardian. He maintained that Crawford was "waving it around", which attorneys for Crawford’s family deny.

Ritchie told several reporters after the August 5 shooting that he was an "ex-marine". When confronted with his seven-week service record, however, he confirmed that he had been quickly thrown out of the US marine corps in 2008 after being declared a "fraudulent enlistment", over what he maintains was simply a mixup over his paperwork.

Crawford, 22, turned out to be holding an unloaded BB air rifle that he had picked up from a store shelf. After Ritchie said Crawford appeared to be "trying to load" the gun, the 911 dispatcher relayed to an officer that it was believed the gunman "just put some bullets inside".

The Crawfords’ attorneys told the Guardian that they had learned the preliminary findings of an autopsy were that he was shot in the back of his left arm and in his left side, supporting their claim that he was turned away from the police officer who shot him.

They have pleaded with Mike DeWine, Ohio’s attorney general, to release the store’s surveillance footage of the shooting to the public. Having viewed it, they say that it disproves Ritchie's version of what led to the deaths of both Crawford and 37-year-old Angie Williams who collapsed and died in the ensuing panic.

“It was an execution, no doubt about it,” alleged Crawford’s father, John Crawford II. “It was flat-out murder. And when you see the footage, it will illustrate that.”

DeWine has said that releasing the footage would be "playing with dynamite" and prevent any trial from being fair. He has assigned a special prosecutor from the neighbouring Hamilton County to handle the case. A grand jury will begin hearing evidence on it later this month. A Beavercreek police spokesman said in a statement: “Preliminary indications are that the officers acted appropriately under the circumstances.”

Following the opening of a federal inquiry into the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the Crawfords' attorneys have also urged the Department of Justice to open a civil rights investigation into the Ohio incident, only the second fatal police shooting in Beavercreek’s history. A white officer has been placed on administrative leave following Crawford’s shooting.

The attorneys said that they would also be lodging a complaint with DeWine after Ritchie told the Guardian that he, too, was shown the surveillance footage by officials in the attorney general’s bureau of criminal investigation, who are investigating the shooting.

While this is an ongoing scandal, we here at Journal de la Reyna want the answers to how a man who has no criminal history being shot by Beavercreek officers.

The family of John Crawford III wants the Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine to release the surveillance tape of what happened.

I went into the Beavercreek Walmart a few weeks ago. I usually go into the stores at dark.

I walked around the area where the situation occurred. I noticed that the section where they have their firearms. It was a well lit and protected area. One could wonder how the heck one man with a pellet gun touching off this!

My thoughts will come in the next installment of Black Men vs. Niggas!

I will work on a YouTube video as soon as I get a chance.

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