Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Romney: If Today Was Yesterday, And Yesterday Was Today....

You can't help the dumb. Some want the perennial loser to run again.

Since the 2016 presidential elections are a few years away, the junk food media continues to prop up candidates who are likely to fail.

Already the media is looking for Hillary Clinton to jump back into the saddle now that she's the "ONLY" choice the Democrats have. The media speculates that Clinton is gearing up for another run after losing to her former boss in a bitterly fought 2008 Democratic presidential primary.

The media also speculates that Vice President Joe Biden will try this again too. There's not many suitable choices for the Democratic nomination as of right now. Biden and Clinton have ran one too many times and they're so close to President Barack Obama it's likely going to be their anchor if the racist right starts going after them for being associated to him.

The same goes for the Republican Party. They have the worse crop of potential candidates to ever run. The insurgency thinks that their choices in Stallmigos Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) are capable of running a country. With no legislative accomplishments, the insurgency is the most talked about in the junk food media, But some in the insurgency want idiotic candidates like Benjamin Carson, Allen West and that ex-Alaskan governor to run for the Republican nomination.

Still there's talk that the famed perennial loser Mitt Romney may run again. Almost a decade out of office and the dumb can't fathom his trouncing in 2012.

They believe that if Candy Crowley didn't help Obama win the debate, the perennial loser would have won.

Nevermind the flip-flopping, the 47% tape, the fact that he's a Mormon, and the Republican field being extremely flawed,

Who could blame them for trying?

They want to have a Saint Ronald of Reagan. They have went through 35 years without a god. They were burning in the Bush.

Now that Obama is a lame duck in his second year, the conservative agitators are so hoping there's a Republican victory this election.

But let's hope that Last Man Santorum, Governor Oops and the perennial loser stay off the ballot.

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