Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Feds Now Involved In The John Crawford Case! [NSFW]

Beaverceek officers walk after shooting John Crawford, a man who just wanted to shop for a bb gun. 

The Ohio grand jury ruled that no charges will be filed against the Beavercreek police in the shooting of John Crawford III. That decision has triggered the U.S. Justice Department to look into the handling of the case.

One word.


I wake up this afternoon to hear the junk food media in my area say that the officers who shot and killed Crawford will walk.

This incident back in August ran parallel to an event in St. Louis. Two unarmed Black men who were killed by the law enforcement.

John Crawford III was a father, son and brother. He was killed by the Beavercreek police. The Ohio courts believe that actions were justified.

I get on the internet to look at the surveillance video from one angle. I see that Crawford would pick up an air rifle that was already open. I would see that he was walking through the aisles (that most people never often shop) on the phone with the rifle.

The video shows that he was in the garden center with the rifle and was still on the phone. Since there's no audio in the store, all you see was him move the left. It seems like in the video the officers with weapons drawn had already shot him.  A few seconds Crawford while still on the phone coming towards the officers. From that point, Crawford goes down.

The FBI and Justice Department will be now involved in this case. This case has now grown into a national story. This controversy is driven also by the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri where an officer shot an unarmed Michael Brown.

Eric Garner, Darrien Hunt, Renisha McBride, Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin and now John Crawford III join the list of unarmed or unintended consequences of White justice.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is one crooked son of bitch. He held back the footage so he bias the case. The all White jury saw the surveillance and watched Crawford go through the aisles.

The all White jury saw that Crawford was a threat. They believe it was justified.

Just like Republicans, they'll be happy to know that if a White man is in the store with a rifle, obviously they'll never call the law.

They'll only call the law on a Black man. And it wasn't even a real gun.

In August 2014, the local junk food media got us thinking that a Beavercreek Walmart was under siege. There was a mad gunman who was inside the stores. The threat was taken down and a causality came out of this. Angie Williams paid the price for a mad gunman.

Everyone was thinking that it was a great job done by the law. It turned out that it wasn't a threat. Just the ignorant actions of White people. The story was driven by the calls of an ignorant White man who wanted to be a "hero".

That a young man was walking through the store on the phone with an air rifle with a tip.

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