Monday, September 29, 2014

Stupid News Anchor Says F**k The Welfare Degenerates!

The ax fell on hapless news anchor. Said some stupid shit and got his ass handed to him.

Quick question: Will the folks over at Loserville have him on for interview after his unceremonious departure?

Sometimes what you say on a hot mic can not only cause you to lose your job but also make you the butt of ridicule.

A New York anchor let his big mouth fly right onto the airwaves and a Black couple managed to record it and post it on the social networks.

Matt Pieper will do fine as a talk radio agitator. He can head down to Naples and wake that crustacean Neal Boortz up. Boortz would say something similar to what this douche would say about people when he was a talk radio agitator.

Loudmouth Bill Cunningham, that annoying conservative agitator and the foolish talk radio asshat are examples of the racist right's undermining of the poor and needy.

They hate the safety net. The safety net helps those in need. In the racist right's mindset, if you're poor and using food stamps, you;re a parasite to the gubmint.

Pieper is an example of this mindset of White privilege men who think that just because he's not poor and had this posh job, he deserves the right to make these asinine comments.

The posh job is gone and he's going to probably get sued for the fine the FCC imposes on the News 12. The idiot may eventually live a day in the shoes of a poor person.

Just a reminder, without the safety net, people will result to looting and killing for necessities.

Pieper issued an apology. Not a true apology but one nonetheless.

As a professional who has spent his entire career delivering the news, I understand the importance of sharing the facts. The situation that transpired on September 24th was extremely unfortunate and I feel the need to communicate what occurred and clear the air. The incident was broadcast accidentally when we were supposed to be in a commercial break, not on the air. Someone in the control room spoke into my earpiece and asked me to relay a message to our reporter out in the field. These were not my own thoughts or profanities. In relaying that information, I made a poor decision in my choice of words and for that I apologize. I could have communicated what I was asked to get across in a different manner and under the pressure of doing my job in real time I made a mistake. I have been a stalwart advocate for equality and diversity in the workplace, within my own family and in my community. I apologize to anyone I offended and assure you that this situation—which has cost me my job—was truly just a mistake in relaying a message, and not a representation of my views or character. 


Anonymous said...

Stupid?He finally spoke the truth.

The Blue Light Buzz said...

And yet he has no job. See that stuff right there is a blanket judgement.

To the anonymous commentator:

Instead of making asinine comments like this, how about living a day in a poor person's shoes.

Fate doesn't discriminate against race, gender, sexuality, religion and economic standings.

The racist right is the example of human filth that thinks they're protected. The posh job is gone for Matt Pieper. He couldn't understand that poor people are human beings too.


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