Friday, August 08, 2014

Stick To Being Washed Up, Victoria Jackson!

Nutbag tried to run for politics and lost.

The insurgency's maven of comedy wanted to win a Republican primary in the good ole state of Tennessee.

Damn shame, those Tennessee folk hate Hollywood coming to their backwoods.

Victoria Jackson, who calls herself a proud member of the insurgency, moved to Thompson's Station last year and said she filed as an independent to run for the Williamson County Commission because she's "very disappointed with the Republican Party."

The Tennessean reports Jackson received 632 votes. Two others received more votes: Judy Lynch Herbert with 1,422 and Betsy Hester with 1,380. The County Commission has two commissioners in each of its 12 districts.

Jackson had made appearances at multiple political events in Middle Tennessee since making her home there.

So I guess that ukulele string broke during her campaign stomp.

She represent the many extremists in the insurgency determined to undermine the president.

She had the audacity to call him a racial slur. She's long past her time. Her baby voice is highly annoying.

Victoria Jackson should be added on the blog Washed Up Celebrities. After all, what has she done that's talented.

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