Saturday, August 30, 2014

One Good Shove Deserves Another!

Don Lemon and officer Dan Page get into a tussle. Page is under investigation for more than shoving the news agitator.

Don Lemon was doing coverage in Ferguson. An officer got into his face and shoved him. Lemon made a complaint to the St. Louis County prosecutor. The prosecutor was going to investigate this as police brutality. The officer who shoved Lemon decided to take an early out.

St. Louis County officer Dan Page made some inflammatory comments while a member of the Oath Keepers, a far right group that supports law enforcement.

Page made comments that drew some ire. He was talking about President Barack Obama, LGBT, Muslims, the Black community and of course his oath as an officer.

He is a 35-year veteran with the St. Louis County police. The video that got him in more trouble was his agitating speech on America's diversity. And after this revelation, he was suspended indefinitely. This video has been making rounds on YouTube.

This month was really polarizing. From this point on, never look at August as the dull month.

Things happen during the time the president and Congress go on their respective vacations.

The junk food media agitators worked overtime in jumping over the rioting and looting in Ferguson.
Speaking at an Oath Keepers gathering in a school gymnasium, Dan Page recites his vitriol.
They put the cameras in the 3% of the population acting like a bunch of idiots. Sure they're burning their community and throwing rocks at the law. The cops were going all out with military vehicles, shooting them with rubber bullets, tear gas, and of course allowing their K-9 partners urinate on the memorial dedicated to Michael Brown.

Loserville is all in defense of the reclusive Darren Wilson, the officer who put six in the body of Brown. Wilson is getting major donations from the racist right. The insurgency has always maintained that "we don't rush conclusions". Oh by the way, Brown strong armed robbed a man of a few smokes.

In their case, they're trying to say that Brown deserved his own death. They even goes as far to label him a thug and potential murderer. There are some on the racist right demanding to look into any history as a minor in the court system. They couldn't find nothing on Brown other than him giving the finger and rapping on a microphone. Nothing incriminating.

The officer's comments has gone viral. This may spark more protest in Ferguson.

The St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar saying that the comments Page made in the surfaced video, "deeply disturbed me immediately."

Will Loserville defend an officer who said some nasty things about those he swore to protect?

Was Darren Wilson in attendance of this?

Take discretion in viewing these videos.


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