Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Loserville Doc Calls Michelle Obama A Fat Heffer!

Keth Ablow is an "expert" on medical issues. He's not an expert on how to talk to women.

That network is so devoted to attacking the President and First Lady Obama.

You can play a drinking game to how many times an agitator says the president's name. Be certain that if I watch one primetime program (say that annoying ass conservative agitator's 10:00pm carnival), I will bet you money the Obama name will be dropped over 10 times in less than five minutes.

Dr. Keith Ablow is some certified psychologist. He once had a syndicated program at the time but after a year got the ax. Now he's joining the Outnumbered where he's allowed to discuss his take on issues along with a washed up actress who is best known for being Clueless.
First Lady Michelle Obama entertains children on the East Lawn.
First Lady Michelle Obama's healthy eating initiatives are meant to help curb obesity in children. The racist right hates this because they're in the pockets of the sugar and oil industry. They love to ramble on how the president's policies are a disaster. They love to also go so far to calling a trim and fit Michelle Obama "fat".

It's a goddamn shame. That network is the enablers of the racist right.

Media Matters for America went ahead and got the transcript of the events. They allow this bigot onto their programs to spew such sexist and down right racist garbage on television.

KENNEDY: We don't need the federal government applying -- projecting -- these standards upon us. And Michelle Obama is so, like, the duchess when she speaks.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: She's kind of annoying that way.

KENNEDY: She is.

ABLOW: And how well could she be eating? She needs to drop a few.


ABLOW: I'm telling you, let's be honest --

HARRIS FAULKNER: You did not say that --

ABLOW: We're taking nutrition advice from who? Who are we taking nutrition advice from?

This may get his ass thrown off the network if we make enough noise.


S Baldwin said...

The only person who was shocked and offended was the Black woman on the panel. All the other women joked along with the bozo.

Those nonblack women have a jealous heart toward the First Lady as well as that bozo resentment that she's married to the President of the Free World and that p###ed him off. So he attacks the First Lady with his insults.

S. Baldwin

The Blue Light Buzz said...

When's the last time anyone insulted Laura Bush?

I mean Michelle Obama gets some of the most nastiest attacks from the likes of Ablow, Hannity, Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin.

Almost like they already have cue cards ready for attack.


S Baldwin said...

Good question, BLB. None whatsoever. Those MFers would never attack/demean/insult Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan, Jackie Kennedy, or even Hillary ever. Michelle Obama gets under the skin of most Right wingers, even some white liberals as well.

Yours truly,

S. Baldwin/La Reyna


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