Wednesday, August 20, 2014

K.C. Cop May Have To Shake After Posting Racial Comments About Michael Brown Shooting!

This is not Michael Brown.

The racist right overacts to the crisis in Ferguson. Another night of rioting and looting continues despite embattled governor Jay Nixon's (D-MO) curfew.

Over 50 people were arrested after a night of protests in which some have thrown rocks at the law.

St. Louis County prosecutor is weighing the options on whether the evidence determines that Ferguson officer Darren Wilson used excessive force in the firing of his service weapon.

Michael Brown was shot six times after a confrontation with Ferguson police. Witnesses say that he had his hands up when the law shot and killed him. The law says that he tried to struggle for the service weapon and punched the officer. He was a suspect in a robbery at a local store according to the law.

Anyway this ongoing crisis will be covered by me and S. Baldwin. Even the agitators and their impact on this situation.

Lets travel at least 232 miles to the Kansas City metropolitan area. There's an officer who is under investigation after he reposted a chain message on the social networks. The officer couldn't figure out the right Black person. He thought the picture of a Black guy holding a wad of cash in his mouth and pointing a pistol was the unarmed teen Michael Brown.

Marc Catron will probably be warned not to be on the social networks again. He's under investigation after he reposted a chain message on that social network. Catron claimed that [he's] sure that young Michael Brown is innocent and just misunderstood. Catron sarcastically stated that Brown was a pillar of the Ferguson community. What tipped his superiors off was the fact that he posted a picture of another Black person, inserted his opinion, ignored his policies on commenting on law enforcement issues, and using social networking to promote a message that may tip off the junk food media. When he's appointed in law enforcement, Catron should have heed warnings of showing impartial judgment. He going to get his papers if not a demotion.

Catron was smart enough to run his mouth on the comparisons to OJ Simpson and Trayvon Martin situation.

“Remember how white people rioted after OJ’s acquittal? Me neither."

Okay, here's a rundown on how our freedom of speech. He can make his opinion on how he feels about young Black teens and celebrities such as Simpson.

He can even claim that all BLACKS are criminals. After all I am guessing he's an avid listener of talk radio and viewer of Loserville. I am certain that he's already assumed that Brown's killing was justified because he heard from a racist right blog saying he charged at an officer. Of course he had no weapon on him.

Catron could wear a badge and get behind the wheel of a patrol vehicle. He can probably assume that all Black motorists are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He can say that wrong signal is merit for arrest.

After all he assumes that all Blacks are reactionary and may try something that may draw a service weapon. once again collects the most offensive right wing emails. This once probably circulated around the internet. This picture is not Michael Brown. Unfortunately the racist right doesn't care. It's another Black criminal regardless.
You can't fix stupid. KC Cop gets a talking to after posting racial slurs on his social networking page.
Again the perception of Black men holding firearms always seem to get more play in the junk food media.

When you see White folks with firearms, the media may perceive it as a negativity. But not as much as Black person who holds money in his mouth while showing off his pistol. I mean it's not like he's committing a crime, but to the racist right, it's enough to say he deserves to be killed too.

The image is of Joda Cain's, the teen who is accused of killing his great grandma.

Cain and his cousin, 20-year-old Micus Ward (left), face aggravated murder charges in Bell's killing according to The Oregonian.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to all gun shooting victims, Michael Brown, John Crawford III, and Jacqueline Bell.


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