Friday, August 08, 2014

Family Cries Foul In Officer Involved Shooting At An Ohio Walmart!

Beavercreek officers fired on a man with a pellet gun. According to family, John Crawford II wasn't a criminal.

Local junk food media is covering the shooting at a Walmart in Dayton. The controversy surrounding the even involved a 22-year old man who was spotted with a firearm. A 911 caller tips the police and of course they respond. The police ordered the man to drop his firearm. He refused. They shoot and kill. The questions come forth.

Two Beavercreek, Ohio officers are on paid administrative leave. The two officers were involved in a shooting of a man who was carrying a gun. It turns out that the suspect John Crawford II was holding a pellet gun.

The family of Crawford is demanding answers to how this happened.

A 911 caller Ronald Ritchie followed Crawford around Walmart and stated that the suspect was walking through the store with a firearm.

Crawford's girlfriend and mother of his children challenge the Ritchie's claims. Crawford's girlfriend claims that he was on the phone with the mother of his children when all this jumped off. She lost sight of him after a few minutes. He was known to joke around while in a public place.

The police order the man to drop his firearm. He refused. They ended up shooting him twice. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The other victim was a panicked customer. The customer was Angie Williams of Fairborn, Ohio. The mother of four was engaged. Her marriage was this month.

This situation is a reminder to the gun rights advocates. The open carry nonsense doesn't float in Walmart nor in any establishment with a large amount of people.

See if a Black person is seen with a firearm in the store, they call 911. They don't care if the Black man is walking around with a concealed license or even an attempt to purchase, trade or show off a weapon. It's 911 and at least five officers with their service weapon drawn.

If a White person is seen with a firearm in the store. I guess they wait until he actually fires on the people before they call 911. Obviously they say that's their right to bear arms.

In my honest opinion, Crawford should have not even goofed around in the store. I have no actual opinion of what happened. All I can say is the tape will determine what happen.

The FBI and Ohio Bureau of Investigation will determine if the law did the right thing. Walmart will probably focus on their pellet rifles. They will lock them up likely and warn customers not to open packages while in their stores.

This is an ongoing story, we will continue to follow the developments. We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to those lost in this senseless tragedy.

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