Wednesday, July 02, 2014

You Ain't Getting No Asylum Says American Bigots!

A bunch of White bigots meets a bus full of immigrants in a California city.

The controversy down at the border between the United States and Mexico heats up when a bus full of migrants were stopped on the line by angry White people who have strong ties to the far right militia.

Again, some Americans can't fathom immigrants coming to the country illegally. They believe these people are vermin and they want them to go back to their country.

Instead of having a heart, they have a gun and whole lot of racial slurs. Murrieta, California was the hub of the outrage by residents and those associated with the far right militia.

Republican mayor Alan Long told residents to meet the buses at the suburban Immigration and Customs Exchange facility and block their route.

So a bunch of White bigots come to the area and protest and wave around their Chinese made American flags. They tell the immigrants that they have no place in the United States and they had to go.

The insurgency continues to be a problem in America. They don't understand that this country is based on immigrants and the United States was originally owned by First Nations. The White man stole the land and claimed it for their own. They drew imaginary lines to say what's the United States and what's not.

Sad and pathetic.

Americans are entitled to be hateful bigots. But just think why those overseas hate us so much. It's this nonsense that drives the extremists to attack us. The inhumane actions by those who claim their "patriotic".

A bunch of White bigots is what I think of these people.

The Associated Press reports that Homeland Security buses carrying migrant children and families were rerouted Tuesday to a facility in San Diego after protesters blocked the group from reaching a suburban processing center.

The standoff in Murrieta came after Mayor Alan Long urged residents to complain to elected officials about the plan to transfer the Central American migrants to California to ease overcrowding of facilities along the Texas-Mexico border.

Many protesters held U.S. flags, while others held signs reading "stop illegal immigration," and "illegals out!"

"We can't start taking care of others if we can't take care of our own," protester Nancy Greyson, 60, of Murrieta, told the Desert Sun newspaper.
See the pictures of American hate.
Many of the immigrants were detained while fleeing violence and extortion from gangs in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

After the buses were blocked, federal authorities rerouted the vehicles to a freeway and then to a customs and border facility in San Diego within view of the Mexico border.

The three buses were trailed by a half-dozen news crews during the two-hour trip. People near the San Diego facility were surprised by the caravan.

Juan Silva, 27, a welder in Chula Vista, said he thought officials were transporting drug traffickers. Then he heard the buses were carrying migrant families.

"I don't think people in that town should be against little kids," he said about the protesters in Murrieta. "We're not talking about rapists. We're talking about human beings. How would they feel if it was their kids?"

After the migrants are processed, Immigration and Customs Enforcement will decide who can be released while awaiting deportation proceedings.

Earlier in the day, a chartered plane landed in San Diego with 136 migrants on board, according to a federal Department of Homeland Security official who was not authorized to be named when speaking on the issue.
This is the insurgency of the Republican Party.
It was the first flight planned for California under the federal government's effort to ease the crunch in the Rio Grande Valley and deal with the flood of Central American children and families fleeing to the United States.

The government is also planning to fly migrants to Texas cities and another site in California, and it has already taken some migrants to Arizona.

More than 52,000 unaccompanied children have been detained after crossing the Texas-Mexico border since October in what President Barack Obama has called a humanitarian crisis. Many of the migrants are under the impression that they will receive leniency from U.S. authorities.

Another flight was expected to take 140 migrants to a facility in El Centro, California, on Wednesday, said Lombardo Amaya, president of the El Centro chapter of the Border Patrol union. The Border Patrol would not confirm that arrival date.

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