Saturday, July 12, 2014

Monkeying Around!

Is this what people consider cute?

Sometimes I have to laugh at how desperate people are for attention. I mean I find it totally offensive but it's cute as a button.

Figuratively speaking, it has the potential of reaching one of those racist shitholes.

So I don't understand why the customer didn't complain to the manager. Instead of trying to make a viral sensation, they could have explain their disgust of this shirt to the sales representative.

And to make it this clear: This photo now is LIKELY on some conservative or white extremist blog.

Just Add A Kid faced some harsh criticism over a customer's social network post. On a clothes hanger lies the face of a black child and the white t-shirt with the body of a monkey.

The junk food media is now reporting on this stuff.

But how far has this gone.

So much that Newsone and The New York Daily News has to cover this. The T-shirt line runs the gamut, with bold character body designs that appeal mostly to little ones, such as princesses, animals, astronauts, cowboys, and surfers to name just a few. Reportedly, a vendor decides on which kid-faced hanger to pair with the tees and the ethnicities are reportedly varied.

A photo of the racially charged tees was uploaded on to Facebook, raising the ire of the public. Now the San Diego-based clothing manufacturer, owned by the Thanks a Million firm, has responded to the controversy by stating, the furor is just “a total misunderstanding.”

“We are looking in to all the situations that occurred around this little incident,” contends the company co-creator Lowell Cohen, who spoke to the Daily News via phone. “We’re looking at the vendor, we’re speaking to our employees.”

In a communication that was later sent to the Daily News and posted on the company’s Facebook page, Just Add A Kid acknowledged the pairings were “not authorized, condoned, or tolerated” by the company:

“The head shots on our hangers are intended [to] reflect the different cultures of our happy customers, and are distributed separately to our shirts.  In this particular case, one of our retailers paired a particular hanger with a shirt without consideration for how it may appear to many consumers. We are taking steps to prevent this from happening again,” according to the company’s statement.

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