Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"It's Goin' Down" Literally For Yung Joc!

When you leave Bad Boy Records, you're pretty much in the dust. Because once you leave the limelight, you go down hard! It seems like an Atlanta rapper didn't expect his fall to come this early.

Yung Joc, an Atlanta based rapper who signed to Bad Boy Records in 2005 released the smash one hit wonder "It's Goin' Down". He released the album New Joc City in 2006 and it was certified gold. Now nearly eight years later, you barely hear much about him.

The most recent thing to come from Mr. Jasiel Robinson is the fact he was once a married man.

His wife, Alexandria Robinson, filed for divorce from the Atlanta rapper after 13 years of marriage and three children together.

Robinson was reportedly fed up with watching Joc's relationship woes with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Karlie Redd play out on television. Joc and his reality TV girlfriend were living together on the show, but there have been arguments between the two over a sexual relationship he had with another woman, who isn't his wife.

Joc is open about being surrounded by other women, as heard on his "I Got B----es" single. "I think I would try to be as truthful to the song as I possibly can," he told The Urban Daily in April. "Just because I got b----es don't mean I'm f---ing them all. I got b----es on my team and in my corner."
Rapper with actual wife.
However, Redd might be out of Joc's "corner" for good, because she believes their relationship was just for the cameras. "I feel used," she said in an interview of Joc pursuing her strictly for the show. "It's a shame what people have to do these days to get on."

For over a decade, Joc was married to nice wife and had children with her. But since he's acting a fool on the washed up celebrity shows, he's gotten the pinkslip from not only his wife but the reality television show itself.

I mean its bad enough for rappers. Some who never shined in the first place got recognition on reality television. That cornball Benzino who tried to resurrect his career by attacking Eminem. He's reward with a role on that stupid show as well. Both got a huge embarrassment from Karlie Redd, a celebrity agitator who both rappers claimed was their vixen.

I seen 50 Cent girly pitch. I see how the junk food media continues to reward this nonsense by giving them a camera crew. That camera will follow them through some part of America and g

Joc was suing his starter labels Block Entertainment & Bad Boy Entertainment due to unpaid royalties of his music.

Since its establishment in 1994, Bad Boy was the stable of hip-hop. The label was putting out decent acts.

But it also turned into a focal problem with hip-hop. During its early days, the rap gods were feuding and they've been knocked off their crowns. Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. are legends who lost their lives to gun violence. Both died in the pointless rap beefs.

It seems like 112, Faith Evans, Carl Thomas, Ma$e, The LOX, Total, Da Band, Los, Black Rob, Shyne, Craig Mack, G.Dep, Loon, and others managed to fade away after leaving Diddy.

Overall, the label survives but the acts die. Joc, I know you seen it. Your career just....died!

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