Tuesday, July 08, 2014

GOP Picks The Event By The Lake!

Cleveland, Ohio will be hosting the Republican National Convention.

Ohio Republican governor John Kasich and the Ohio Republican Party lobbied for this event. This will be a pick of choice. The state went to Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 in his bid for the presidency. They don't want to lose a "very important" state.

The Republican National Committee picked Cleveland over Dallas, Texas in their choice for hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention.

For the next two years, Cleveland will get their act together. They will make so many changes to the area and try to appeal to those wealthy Republicans who will flock to the city. They will sweep the memories of blight, Ariel Castro and the protesters under a rug.

The city will find ways to keep the protesters away from the Quicken Loan Arena.

The pimps and prostitutes will be $$$ in their eyes. The female and male prostitutes will make Republicans feel so good when they arrive. Those so called family values types will leave their wedding rings in their luxury hotel rooms and grab a quickie!
The Official logo of the Republican Party.
Pizza places and bars will see a rise in revenue. After all the pizza places and nightclubs will be hoping that $$$ will travel. The country, rock and hip-hop music establishments are favorites among young Republicans.

Young Republicans will be in the city with cameras in tow to find that one Black or Hispanic Democratic voter who will say they gotten their "Obama Phone".

The Horseshoe Casino will have a influx of Republicans willing to put on sunglasses and brown trench coats to hide when they come into the establishment for a night of gambling.

Cleveland area will see a boost in revenue. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Indians, Cedar Point, the Greater Cleveland RTA, the NASA facility, The Cleveland Browns, the Metroparks Zoo, the Steelyard, the Waterfront, and Ohio City will see an jump in revenue.

Democratic mayor Frank Jackson will be welcoming the Republican establishment, the Tea Party insurgency and the religious right into the city. He will love the millions to build in his city.

The junk food media, celebrities, and state politicos will be heading to the city.

The Plain-Dealer got a hold of the Republican chairman, Captain Jackass Reince Priebus and wanted to get his feedback on their decision to make Ohio a choice for Republicans.

"We're excited about bringing the convention to Cleveland in Ohio, and we're excited about the decision. We think it's a smart decision," Priebus said.

Cleveland edged out Dallas, the other finalist, as the recommended location for the convention, giving the city an opportunity to strut its stuff to a national crowd while placing Ohio even more firmly in the political spotlight for the upcoming presidential election.

"I think it's great," Rob Frost, the Cuyahoga County Republican Party Chairman, said in an interview late Tuesday morning. "I'm really excited to welcome our Republican colleagues from around the nation to Cleveland in 2016. I think this convention will really elevate Cleveland in the eyes of the nation, and elevate Republicans in the eyes of Cleveland."

Frost credited the unified effort of local business, civic and political leaders for helping to bring the convention in. He particularly singled out Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, a Democrat.

"Those are efforts other cities didn't have behind them, and it all started with Mayor Jackson," Frost said.
The chief is hoping to find that rainbow coalition.
Enid Mickelsen, the chairwoman of the RNC's site selection committee, said in a written statement:

"Cleveland is a phenomenal city, and I can't think of a better place to showcase our party and our nominee in 2016. This committee was tasked with difficult decisions and was presented with several strong options to host our convention. I'm confident Cleveland is the right pick for our next national convention. Cleveland has demonstrated they have the commitment, energy, and terrific facilities to help us deliver a history-making Republican convention."

"I extend my deepest gratitude to Dallas," she added. "Dallas is a world-class city with wonderful venues and fantastic people and I'm certain they'll make a great host for our party in the future. The Dallas team were excellent ambassadors for their city and showed both the committee and the RNC all the wonderful things the city has to offer."

"This is great news for Northeast Ohio," Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, the 2014 Democratic nominee for governor, said in a written statement. "There's no question Cleveland is now in the middle of a historic renaissance."

Now that the recommendation from the Republican National Committee's site selection committee is in, negotiations with Cleveland officials are expected to begin shortly. A press conference, featuring Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, County Executive Ed FitzGerald, Cleveland 2016 RNC Host Committee Executive Chair, Terrance "Terry" Egger and others is scheduled for 3 p.m. at the Global Center for Health Innovation in downtown Cleveland.
Interstate 71 in Cleveland. In less than 100 feet is the suburb of Brooklyn, Ohio.
The courtship with the national GOP dates back to at least February, when the city submitted its bid. Cleveland was selected a week later as one of eight contenders.

The RNC narrowed the list to four in late May, and on June 25 picked Cleveland and Dallas as the two finalists to host the event.

And last week, RNC officials visited Cleveland to assess "creative ways" to make the city's bid work.

Conventions can be significant economic generators for a city. One study showed that the 2012 GOP convention pumped more than $200 million into the Tampa and Florida economies. That convention drew roughly 50,000 visitors.

Cleveland's convention pitch was rooted in political geography and in a downtown renaissance that leaders said occurred after the city lost its bid for the GOP's 2008 convention. Since that audition, Cleveland has added more hotel rooms and a new convention center.

Dallas has a population of 1.43 million residents. Cleveland has a population of 397,000 residents.

Texas is a Republican friendly state. Ohio is a major swing state. If a nominee wins the state in the presidential election, its likely they'll be the President of The United States.

Last event for the Republicans was the Tampa Bay Times Forum arena in Tampa.

Florida went to Barack Obama twice.

Democrats had Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte.

North Carolina went to perennial loser Mitt Romney.

Republicans hope that picking Ohio will boost the nominee's chances of winning.

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