Thursday, July 24, 2014

Conservative Outrage Over Obama's Motorcade!

Yes America, the president does wave at people going by. 

Everything happening overseas and the president has time to campaign. The president's aware of the crisis overseas. What is suppose to do?

He can't get things done with an inept Congress. So he has no choice but to gamble on the Democratic nominees who are willing to aid him in completing his agenda for his second term.

Conservatives are bemoaning the president over his campaign schedule. The president wants to hold the majority in the Senate, and he hopes that his supporters still have faith in him. So as he campaigns, another crisis and more ankle biting from the bitter Republicans and their whiny conservative allies.

Leading the way is an American perennial loser. He along with those annoying ass conservative agitators now bite over the president's motorcade temporarily blocking a laboring woman from entering University of California's Ronald Reagan Cedar Sinai Hospital.

There's a crisis in the Middle East. Israel and the Gaza Strip are at each other's throats. The Sunni extremist group ISIS is trying to overthrow the Iraqi government. There's thousands of migrants entering the country from Mexico illegally and a civil war in El Salvador. There's a disputed election in which two warlords are feuding over who won in Afghanistan. There's a civil war in Syria. There's a missile being fired from North Korea. There's a bitter conflict between Ukraine and Russian backed rebels. There's 250 young girls kidnapped in Nigeria. There's a trade war in Argentina and Brazil. The European Union is upset over spying by the United States. Then of course Edward Snowden is still wanted by the FBI.

This is the latest outrage from the radicals of the conservative media. When the shit hits the wall, the conservative agitators go word for word about how this minor issue constrains their way of life.

Like somewhere in California, the president was there. Traffic gets backed up. The motorcade route isn't selected by the president. That is selected by the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Secret Service. The president is the "MOST VULNERABLE" for an attack domestically or internationally. The quickest and easiest way to get through is what the Secret Service does. There's no exceptions.

Unfortunately, if you don't watch the news about the president being in town, then you're likely going to be caught up in the traffic jam. Obviously this happens and most Americans will understand that.

But to the conservatives, he's a "KING" and "DICTATOR". Or better yet, they might as well refer to him as a "NIGGER" because he's disrespecting White people by just being in the White House.

So here's the equation of a conservative talking point:

That Guy Who Throws SHIT to The Wall + Local News Story = Conservative Outrage.

That Guy Who Throws SHIT to The Wall + Viral Video = Conservative Outrage.

That Guy Who Throws SHIT to The Wall  x (Obama + Opinion) + Unflattering Picture = Conservative Outrage.

    War on Women: Obama Motorcade Delays Woman in Labor ...
    14 hours ago - War on Women: Obama Motorcade Delays Woman in Labor From Entering Hospital. Written by ... afternoon because the road was closed for President Barack Obama's motorcade. ... Libertarian / Conservative like Rand Paul

    Pregnant Woman Prevented From Reaching Hospital by ...


    15 hours ago - HOME · Opinion - Conservative ... A leaderless country isn't the worst price to be paid for Obama's never-ending fundraising even in times of crisis. ... road had been closed for President Barack Obama's impending motorcade.
    Video: Woman in Labor 'Not Allowed' to Cross Street to ...

  1. TheBlaze
    by Oliver Darcy - Video: Woman in Labor 'Not Allowed' to Cross Street to Hospital OverObama's Impending Motorcade. Jul. 24, 2014 2:21am Oliver Darcy ...
    You visited this page on 7/24/14.

  1. Obama's Motorcade Blocks Pregnant Woman's Path To ...

    The Daily Caller
    by Jim Treacher - Obama's Motorcade Blocks Pregnant Woman's Path To Hospital. 9:20 AM 07/24/2014. Share. Tweet. Share. Email. Print. Share. Jim Treacher. See All Articles ...
According to the junk food media, the unidentified woman wasn't even upset over this. There were medical staffers available and they were willing to assist if the woman was to have her child. But so far there's no sign of birth during the motorcade.

Of course a local junk food media reporter wanted to get a piece of the action.


Okay, I now decided to add "conservative outrage" to the label section. From now on, anytime a story that manages to drive the conservative agitators nuts I will use this label to describe the situation.

Any thoughts to this controversy?

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