Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The End Of Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Saturday morning cartoons are now extinct.

When the 2014 - 2015 United States television broadcast schedule comes forth you'll start noticing that the Saturday morning programming will be missing a theme of theirs. They will be no cartoons on all the broadcast networks.

As of October, the CW Network will no longer carry the Vortexx cartoon block. They will team up with the Litton Entertainment to run a 5 hour block of reality television for teens and families.

This ends an era of television.

Since the 1960s Saturday morning cartoon blocks were a part of the young child's experience with fantasy and a sense of entertainment. Now these very same children became adults who believe their children or grandchildren are either too fat or too exposed to the negative effects of those very cartoons they've grown up on.

Now if you're a family who can't afford the 3,000 cable channels, your family will wake up to hour blocks of local or national news programs, paid programs and the Litton programs. If you're like me, you just sleep through the mornings and hopefully wake up in the afternoon.

Cause nowadays television programs really suck. They really let the ball drop on television. So instead of paying the millions of dollars for a full season of a television program, they'll purchase the Litton programming to at least meet that quota. Litton Entertainment follows the E/I mandates. So it's likely an educational program at best.

It offers programs that are considered instructional. Basically you're in school on Saturday with those boring blocks of reality television or news programs.

Time to go outside, if it's safe. But nowadays you don't know if Petey Pervert is lurking in your neighborhood. You might even meet Mr. NRA or Lil' Thug when you head outside.

ABC was the first to go forth with reality based Saturday morning programs. Then came Fox, CBS and now the CW. NBC already cancelled their children's program blocks more than once. So it wouldn't matter what they put on.

Don't worry Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel and Cartoon Network are there (for now). But obviously the cartoons have went down in quality too. I mean Spongebob Squarepants, Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time and Clarence are adult themed. The families who allow their children to watch the programs aren't grasping on the programming content.

Besides these networks are slowly phasing out their classic programs and putting on more garbage masquerading as cartoons or budgeting teen based sitcoms. Soon you'll find news programs on these networks as well. They've already gotten rid of the Ronald McDonald, Kellogg's and General Mills brands.

You might have to shelve out some dollars to find it on Netflix, Hulu or YouTube. Or you might have to find that internet nerd who puts that on a torrent online. You may have to find that website where you can see the programs you've grown up as a child.


This is why I call it the junk food media. They have nothing on and its objective is to get people riled up.

Surely you hear it on the airwaves through talk radio and cable news. But now it's on your children's television programs as well.

Liitton Entertainment is an American media and production company based in Charleston, South Carolina, with four additional offices. Many of Litton's programs comply with federally mandated educational and informational requirements.


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