Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Urinal Smelling A Whole Lot Of Obama!

Piss on the ego. This image of an Obama urinal cake at the Faith and Freedom Conference was photobomb to the junk food media.

I understand that the left is pissed off literally about the president's face being decorated on urinal cakes in used at the conservative Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference.

Of course conservatives will deny this happen. They'll claim that liberals "planted" this at their event to spark controversy against them. They wouldn't stoop so low as to doing something like this. After all, you guys on the left done this to George W. Bush and no one was complaining then.

I find it totally disgraceful and totally outrageous for people to even go as far to do something that surely will get the other side mad. I mean there's this unprecedented hatred for the first Black president coming from the likes of conservatives and those in the Republican Party.

But as you know, it was expect. Who didn't see this coming?

President Barack Obama expected this nonsense since the day he took the oath of office in 2009.

He knew that Republicans and their allies in the conservative media wouldn't give him a break.

Over 90% of the things mention in the junk food media are created by conservatives so they can whip up Republican voters this election year. They'll spin this nonsense about the media being "liberal" and in favor of the president.

Conservatives can call the media "liberal" all they want and pull out their asses the lies and distortions.

They're entitled to it. I for one don't think the media is liberal or conservative. I just think it's too reactionary and bias to the international problems. They want to make Americans value other lives as video games. Good vs. Evil, U.S. vs. them and "We're the leaders" nonsense.

Yeah, I understand his policies aren't working on your behalf. That's fine. You can chastise him for not doing enough to stop international problems. You're entitled to the freedom of speech to be racist, condescending, and downright mean to him, First Lady Michelle Obama, his children, Vice President Joe Biden and those associated to them.

The Huffington Post Igor Bobic tweet this picture to social networks:

Now if you want to win over Black voters, conservatives try not saying that Republicans "freed" the slaves.

That stuff isn't going to work with the amount of piss pouring conservatives did on Trayvon Martin.

Also don't say words like "urban", "welfare queens", "food stamp president" and "plantation".

That stuff right there isn't going win Black voters. Maybe those Jesse Lee Peterson and Deenan Boreli types but not the rest of the Black population.

By the way, I found a picture of Bush urinal cake. I hope you find it just as disgusting as those conservatives using those Obama urinal cakes.

I don't condone the actions of some of these idiots in this country, but I want to say that if the left wants to get upset over Obama's likeness offensive things, they should look at how some did it to Bush.

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