Thursday, June 05, 2014


The four members of the Unit reunited for a brief moment.

They happen to gather for Hot 97 FM's Summer Jam event that's held annually. Many hip-hop acts come together for one of the biggest concerts in the New York City.

Although the four members were together, no talk about the fifth member. Still apparently a fallout exist between the group leader Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) and Jayecon Taylor (aka Game).

In the picture it features Christopher Lloyd (aka Lloyd Banks), David Brown (aka Young Buck), Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) and Marvin Bernard (aka Tony Yayo).

They were like the Black Beetles. They were on top of their game during the rise of 50 Cent.

But somehow their egos and criminal records managed to get them bumped off Interscope.

With the first being Lloyd Banks, then followed by Tony Yayo, Young Buck and Game, 50 Cent finally took his act to the independent circuit. He left the label after disputes over Interscope pushing his album Street King Immortal into the trash bin.

Jackson released his current album Animal Ambition this week to mixed reviews.

Although this is a temporary truce, 50 Cent still fired each member of the Unit.

The only associates to the Unit are Kidd Kidd and Shawty Lo.

Each act has released a mixtape through Dat Piff, the world's most popular website for mixtape releases.


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